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during summer

Body Parts You Always Forget to Protect During Summer

During summer we should be more careful when it comes to taking care of ourselves, especially our skin.

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There is no secret that sunscreen and lots of water are the basics of going through summer successfully. Here is a list of items you should always have in your handbag during summer to keep yourself hydrated and away from the UVA & UVB.

As you read this I’m on the seaside to let myself enjoy some sun and sea. :D I remembered that my dermatologist told me to make sure that after 9 a.m. I always have sunscreen on. Funny or not, there are some body parts that we always forget to protect from sunlight. Here there are:Body Parts You Always Forget to Protect During Summer

during summer

1. The face

You might think that this is not possible since the face is quite an important part of your body. Most people forget or ignore to apply sunscreen there. Why? Because they think it feels weird and not comfortable. I will agree. It is not a very pleasant feeling because the sunscreens are usually thick and a little sticky too. But would you rather have a sticky face for a couple of hours per day or pay lots of money on plastic surgery to help you get rid of those early wrinkles?

I always put sunscreen on my face because I don’t want my face to be tanned. I know that it sounds stupid, but I have dark hair and eyes and fair skin and dark skin as well is not a good combination for me.

2. The lips

I’ve seen lots of lip balms with SPF in them, specially created for summer time. I didn’t give an F about them. Until I got to the seaside and I realised how fast my lips were drying. If you take care of your face, include your lips too.

3. The ears

If the face and the lips were a little more obvious I think that your reaction now is “I never put sunscreen on my ears. Are you supposed to?!”. Well your ears are covered in skin and the skin in that area is very thin and it needs extra care. So yes, your ears need sunscreen too.

4. The hair

If you die your hair, then you probably know that it gets super dry (and curly) at the seaside because of the sunlight and humidity. Not only dyed hair suffers massive damage during summer if its not protected properly. Natural hair also gets dry, it is just not so obvious.

You can go the easy way and always wear a hat when you go outside or you can also use some beauty products designed to protect the hair from sunlight.

5. The hands

Our hands are always exposed to extreme heat or cold during winter. That is why our hands start to show our age long before your face does. Apply lots of sunscreen and hydrating products on your hands to keep them healthy and young.

6. The feet

I used to apply sun sunscreen up to my ankles and that was it! Until I got some serious sunburn on my feet because guess what?! I was NEVER applying sunscreen on them. I mean… who thought that feet were not tough enough to resist sunlight?!

Do you protect these body parts during summer on a regular basis?

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  • Reinventing Julie

    Excellent post. Soles of feet are important. People forget that when they are on their stomach they are exposing the soles. Good points.

  • I would’ve never thought about ears! Now I feel I have to double check everything before I head out!

    • Haha, glad you find if useful Adriana! Stay safe during summer.

  • After getting second degree sun burn I apply sunscreen religiously, like every thirty minutes when I am out in the sun. The ears are so important to me because I have had some really bad burns on them which caused really bad blisters and now I have scars from them. I never thought about my lips though. These tips are going to be great for my cruise in October.

    • So sad you had to face serious sunburn, Jessica. Hope you’ll enjoy your cruise! The sunlight is not that strong in October, so everything should be fine.

  • Taylor Smith

    Yep — the ears are always forgotten!!!

    • Haha, maybe they won’t be from now on.

  • Neely

    I had my ears sunburned once I never forget now!

    • I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way, Neely.

  • I always forget to protect my lips! I am good about always getting my hands though, because I always remember that my mom always said hands give away a woman’s age!

    • Your Mum is a wise woman, Annie! She taught you well.