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hashtags lists for bloggers

The Ultimate Hashtags Lists for Bloggers

If you are a newbie blogger, you might struggle to make your way through the blogosphere. Or maybe you’re not so unfamiliar with blogging, but you decided to reach a new level and you want to grow your blog and reach new audiences. One of the easiest ways to reach more people is to use #hashtags.

hashtags lists for bloggers

Hashtags were first introduced by Twitter and they are basically words with a # in front of them (like #food). But what’s so special about these hashtags? Well, by using the # sign in front of any word, it will make your word a hyperlink. This creates a link between all post labeled with that specific hashtag. So if you click the #food hashtag, you’ll see all the post that have #food hashtag included, displayed chronologically.

Hashtags are very popular on:

  • twitter (they created them, d’oh);
  • instagram;
  • tumblr;
  • google+;
  • facebook (more or less).

I’ve enumerated them based on the importance they have on each social media. So they are super popular and useful for twitter & instagram.

I felt that I should explain this, just in case someone doesn’t know exactly what hashtags are and how they work. So, now that we clarified that, let’s talk about hashtags lists for bloggers. There are some specific hashtags that will automatically connect you to other blogger that have similar audiences or goals.

General hashtags lists for bloggers

#blogger #blogging #bloggerlife #blog #newblogpost #blogpromotion #bloggerproblem  #bloggersgetsocial #bloggingtips #blogginghacks #blogosphere

Beauty Bloggers

#beautyblogger #bblogger #beautyblog #beautytips #beautyguru

Craft Bloggers

#craft #crafts #DIY #handmade #handmadebyme #handmadewithlove #craftyfingers #craftholic #craftyblogger

Design Bloggers

#designblog #designblogger #designaddict #interiorsblog #homedecor #designinspo #interiorinspo #apartmentteraphy #decorating #behindthescenes

Fashion Bloggers

#fblogger #fashionblog #fashionblogger #fashionista #ootd #outfitpost #styleblogger #lookbook

Food Bloggers

#foodblogger #foodgasm #foodforfoodied #fdblogger #recipeoftheday #healthyfood #healthyrecipe #foodporn

Lifestyle Bloggers

#lblogger #lifestyleblog #lifestyleblogger #itsthelittlethings #lifehacks #lifegoals

Travel Bloggers

#travelblog #travelblogger #travelbloggerlife #tblogger #instatravel #travelgram #travelphotography #traveldiary #packing #landscape

I displayed them alphabetically to help you find your niche easier. They are not a lot because I chose to give you the basic ones, since the obvious ones like #travel, #beauty, #makeup and so on are quite obvious (I hope).

Even though I’ve been writing and blogging for quite some time now (with lots of long breaks) I lived under a rock and I was quite scared to get out there and promote my blog. I was super excited and amazed when I discovered that there are specific hashtags for pretty much all types of bloggers. This is amazing because we can connect way faster and we can discover bloggers that inspire us.

I really enjoy using these hashtags lists for bloggers because I can connect with a lot of people and find inspiration. I hope you will find these lists useful, that now you know what hashtags are and how to use them and I can’t wait to see you bringing your blog to its next level!

Let me know how you use hashtags to grow your blog. I would also love to know if you have discovered other hashtags that are working for bloggers and are not listed here.

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  • Thank you so much for this! I really need to up my #hashtag game, and this list is an excellent resource! I am definitely pinning this list for later. Do you have any suggestions for how many hashtags to use? I never know if I am using too many or two few.

    • Glad you find it useful, Bethany!

      I don’t think that there is a limit for the number of hashtags used, at least not on Instagram – the land of hashtags. I do know that on your blog posts is recommended to use up to 10 tags to keep your blog post from being considered spammy by search engines.

      On Instagram I generally use 10 to 15 hashtags, around 3 to 5 on Twitter and 10 or less for my blog posts. These numbers work best for me. Hope this helped.

  • oh these are awesome!! Thanks!!

  • Great resource! I really should sit down a make a list for my niche (Disney, travel). I think it would be so helpful to have.

    • Glad you like it, Becky! I think it will be very productive to have that list you mentioned.

  • These are some great beginner hashtags! It’s amazing at how many there really are that are huge and useful! Gotta love hashtags!

    • True! Any blogger should love hashtags, they are a very powerful tool to reach new audiences.

  • Oooo…this is going to come in super handy on pinterest, I think! That and Instagram are about the only places I really use them. Thanks for the help!! :D

    • Glad I could help, Terra!
      I’m not a Pinterest guru, but as far as I know, Pinterest’s algorithm is not keen on hashtags.

  • Hashtags are important :). I picked up a couple more for my niche. Thank you!

    • Anytime, Angie! Glad it helped.

  • irena

    I ll make sure to copy paste this on my phone so that I can use it for all m y hashtags ! Thank you !

    • Glad I could help! Good luck making the best out of these hashtags, Irena.

  • Lailah Y. Diaz Vega

    Thank you so much for this post. Lot’s of people say use hashtags. but yeah, what kind of hashtags. so, thank you very much.

    -Kisses from the Princesss, Miaaa | http://www.dearmakeup.org

    • So glad you find it useful, Lailah! Hope it will help you.