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Hello Madrid! | Trip to Madrid


Oh my, God! I’m going to a trip to Madrid! Yay!

Throughout my AIESEC experience I was lucky enough to meet lots of foreign students, who came here through an AIESEC internship. Also as an AIESECer I got the chance to travel around Romania pretty much, especially for our local and national conferences. My point is that I discovered that I love to travel and to meet new, foreign people.

And here comes the advantage to have relatives who live abroad. :D I struggled for quite some time to schedule a trip to Madrid, to visit my aunt. And this autumn is finally happening! As pretty much everyone is going back to school and uni, I’ll be visiting Spain… which is awesome. Live’s good. :)

So, my big questions for you are:

  • do you have any tips & tricks for travelling by plane? –  is the first time I go solo by plane and my worst fear is to not lose my luggage somewhere in the airport.
  • recommendations for places to visit aaand especially for eating. I already put drinking sangria on my to do list, but I’m not a Spanish encyclopedia, so I need good recommendations from you. :D
  • do they speak English? because my soap operas Spanish is not that good.

I am super excited about this trip to Madrid! Please let me know what should I see first. Oh, and some really nice spots where I could eat the best food in Spain, because I’m a foodie. From my point of view, you haven’t discovered a new culture until you tasted their traditional food. So food, museums, parks, bring them on! I would love to hear your suggestions!

I hope I’ll manage to take lots of amazing photos and bringing them around here or on social media.

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Culture shock from Spain is not that shocking

  • G3ordan

    Am stat 3 luni in Spania (intradevar nu putem compara Montoro cu Madridul) dar nimeni nu stia (sau nu vroia) sa vorbeasca engleza.

    • de nepretuit! ma gandesc ca daca e capitala, ar trebui sa vorbeasca… daca nu am sa o ard pe spanglish.

  • Eu zic să-ţi iei nişte telenovele înainte. Şi drum bun, distracţie plăcută!

  • Frumoasa, capitala europeana! Merita vizitat si sudul Spaniei

    • Nu stiu daca am sa reusesc sa ajung si in sud, dar mersi de pont!