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my cat pet

Meet le Catus | My Cat Pet

I don’t know how many of you know, but I own a cat… or she owns me actually.

my cat petMy Mum was never a cat-person until she met this cat. She [my Mum] was working on a bookstore when she found the cat, a few years ago. She called me to come and pick it up because it was a “beautiful” cat. Although I wasn’t impressed. It was skinny and scared. We thought that someone lost her because she was clean and very scared. Or maybe abandoned. We couldn’t find its owners.

I brought her home and ever since we took care of her. Now she is a spoiled, fat, cat and she owns us all. When we first took her to the vet, the doctor estimated that she was born around January. It was a 15th of that month back then, so we assumed that her birthday was on the 15th of January.

So… happy birthday little, spoiled catus! :D


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