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12 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For All Corporate People Out There

Christmas is approaching and if you work in a corporation, for sure you have a Christmas party and of course, Secret Santa. Nowadays even the smallest businesses organize  Christmas parties and exchange surprise gifts through Secret Santa. I always hated Secret Santa, unless I got my bff as secret Santa. So I did some research and I came up with 12 secret Santa gift ideas that could save you some time.

12 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For All Corporate People Out There

If you work in a big company, chances are that you might end up buying a gift for someone that you barely know. I hate gifting totally general gifts, so I made a little brainstorming and I came up with a list of 12 secret Santa gift ideas that will save you the torture of searching the perfect gift.

1. Funky Christmas mug

funcky christmas mug secret santa gift ideasEven though it might seem very mainstream, a funky Christmas mug will always make you smile. This cute reindeer mug is available here.

2. Christmas skin care sets

Don’t limit yourself at body lotions. Body parts like hands and feet, always need extra care during the cold season. This Burt’s Bee everyday beauty gift set is perfect to have in the drawer of any lady’s desk. Available here.

3. Festive scarf

festive scarf secret santa gift ideas

No one can have enough scarfs to keep him warm during winter. Available here.

4. Stress reliever

stress reliever secret santa gift ideas

For those times when the deadline for a big project is approaching. These stress reliever balls are flexible, which means they can be stretch and tormented as much as you want. And they came in four different colours. Available  here.

5. A planner

planner secret santa gift ideas

To keep the busy year ahead organized even from the begging. It’s available here.

6. Adorable stationary kit

stationary secret santa gift ideas

You can always opt for post-its and notebooks, but these gold triangular wall shelves are way to stylish to ignore. They will add a pop of colour and fashion sense to any office. You can gift them to someone an buy them from here.

7. Funny coasters

coasters secret santa gift ideas

Those mugs of coffee give you energy, but a colourful coaster will make your office cozier than ever.  They are available here.

8. A cute vase / succulent plant

vase secret santa gift ideas

It’s quite difficult tot take care of a plant when you have a lot of task to do. That’s why a succulent plant it’s perfect for a office. A simple vase, that can be multipurpose is also useful. You can use it as a pen holder, for example. These transparent ones are available here.

9. Mug warmer

mug warmer secret santa gift ideas

Nothing it’s worst in a cold winter morning than cold tea or coffee. Help your colleague to keep his awakening drink warm longer with a mug warmer. Available here.

10. A pair of gloves

gloves secret santa gift ideas

Warm hands during winter is always one of the best feeling during winter. And you can never have enough pairs. Available here.

11. Phone charger dock
charging dock secreat santa gift ideas

Smartphone are truly an amazing invention; their batteries not so much. Gift your colleague a charging dock for his smartphone so that it can change it at the office, having access to it easily. Available here.

12. Cooler pad

cooler pad secret santa gift ideas

Keeping your laptop cool while doing a lot of task is essential if you don’t want it to crash unexpectedly. Available here.

I hope this list was helpful and now you have a idea of two about what Secret Santa should bring to your work mate. You can also find all the mentioned products in the shop section, right here.

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  • I love the mug warmer. That is such a cute gift idea!

  • I love the first idea. I collect coffee mugs so this is perfect!!

  • The mug warmer seems cool hihi


  • Ashley LaMar

    We typically have a $10 limit so a lot of those ideas are well outside the price we’re allowed to spend but that mug warmer is a genius idea!

    • Well to be honest, I never respected that limit. ?

      • Ashley LaMar

        LOL. One year my secret santa was to buy for a friend of mine and I spent about $17 on a gift. Someone actually went to management over it because they had seen it in the store and knew it was more than $10. It became this really big effin’ deal so most of the time I just don’t even do it anymore. People can be so ridiculous and petty over stuff like that.

        • Oh, really? I though it would be a problem if it was cheaper than $10. I think this limit is set to make sure than everyone is getting a decent gift, not to make such a big fuss that it was actually more expensive. I think it was just jealous that you weren’t his secret Santa and he didn’t got that gift, haha.

  • Vincent Carabeo

    Damn I want that scarf and the charging dock! Great options!

    • Well, I suppose you can gift any of these to yourself as well, haha.

  • The only people in my life who are corporate are my bosses (I am a nanny), but I think this is a good list. I didn’t really know what to get a corporate person, so this is good.

  • Luke Antony Neville

    Omg I needed this post so much! Haha! I’ve been stumped for ideas for weeks! So inspired thank you!



    • Yay, glad you found that so much needed inspiration, Luke!

  • Crossing New Bridges

    These are great gift ideas! I am loving the reindeer mug!

  • Kit Stanwood

    These are great ideas!! My favorite is getting someone a mug! Last year for secret Santa I bought one of those GPS Tiles for $15 and everyone went crazy over it! Cheap technology stuff is always awesome . Great post!

    • I think that everything that has a LED light in it is considered technology and people are losing their shit over it.
      Glad you enjoyed the blog post!