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10 Easy Steps to be More Eco Friendly

Each year, on the 5th of June we celebrate Environment Day. Being more eco friendly is not something impossible and each one of us can be more eco friendly with small actions.

But first of all…

What being eco friendly means?

Our good, old friend Wikipedia give us the answer: Environmentally friendly, environment-friendly, eco-friendly, nature-friendly, and green are marketing terms referring to goods and services, laws, guidelines and policies that inflict reduced, minimal, or no harm upon ecosystems or the environment.

Beside the fancy definition, I truly believe that being “eco friendly” is a matter of education and awareness and we should all take responsibility for taking care of the environment.

10 Easy Steps to be More Eco Friendly

eco friendly water

1. Give up bottled water

You can reduce the plastic waste by using a refillable bottle (just like the Give Me Tap ones). You can also choose a refillable bottle with a water filter and you will be able to refill your bottle from everywhere and drink clean water anytime.

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2. Recycle

Put your paper and plastic waste in separate rubbish bags and throw them accordingly. Paper and plastic are the most common rubbish and can be easily recycled. Glass and tins can also be recycled.

Recycling is all about sustainability. Also keep in mind that you can recycle old items from around the house: old clothes can be turned into kitchen towels, write on the both sides of a sheet of paper or turn a can into a pen holder for your desk. There are lots of options, just be creative!

3. Unplug stand-by electronics

I’ve read this in so many articles and I decided that I should give it a try. Guess what?! IT WORKS! The electricity bill proved that it works. Unplug your computer, printer, microwave, washing machine during night at least. These will not only lower your electricity bill, but will also help reduce the electricity waste – which is good for the environment.

eco friendly bike

4. Commute by bike

I’ve given you 5 reasons why you should commute by bike a while ago, and the truth is that is healthy for us and for the environment.

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Also take into consideration to take the bus instead of your personal car whenever possible.

5. Sustainable traveling

Choose to travel by plane or train instead of your personal car. It might not be as comfortable, but choosing to travel by plane or train, which can fit a lot of people in one place, is better for the environment.

Also pack light: the heaviest is your luggage, the more fuel your car will need.

6. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth

I used to this a long time ago until I realised how much water I was wasting.

7. Take more showers instead of baths

During summer I can’t stand to have a bath, it simply too hot for a bath.

A quick shower will refresh you and you won’t waste water. It is ok to have a pamper bath from time to time, but try to take more showers instead of having baths.

8. Wash clothes using cold water

Since I moved out from my parent’s house, I learnt the mysteries of doing laundry. And I know that there are some really nasty spots that won’t go away only if you use hot water and lots of chemicals. No one said that you have to dress with dirty clothes. But lots of detergents nowadays are powerful enough to clean your clothes in cold water (30 – 40 degrees C).

9. Don’t  let the water run when you do the dishes

The same situation while brushing your teeth. Reduce waste as much as possible.


10. Educate others & get involved

If you are doing all these things then you are a responsible, amazing human being. Tell your friends about your methods to reduce waste and try to convince them that this is the right & easy way to protect the environment and that no harm will be brought to their lifestyle if they choose to be eco friendly.

There are so many easy ways that we can do to protect the environment, with minimal effort from our side: it’s not thhard to turn off the light when you’re leaving the room or to unplug unused electronics, right?

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Get involved and support a cause and promote it to your friends. I am a huge supporter of the Let’s do it, world! cause and I was involved in organizing the event in my hometown and I plan to do it again and again, until it won’t be necessary a cause like this.

What about you? How are you protecting the environment?

Please share these simple tips with your friends and tell them how important it is to be eco friendly and to protect the world that we are living.

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