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10 Signs You’re Not a Morning Person

When I was going to school I remember how much I hated the mornings when my Mum came at 7 am to wake me up. So let’s just make this clear: human beings don’t work properly during mornings. Here are signs that you’re not a morning person at all!

1. Snoozing multiple times your alarm is the first thing you do in the morning.


You could snooze until the weekend comes, when is no need for snoozing.

2. You wonder why human kind has to wake up so early. What is so urgent that it can’t wait until noon?


This is a really deep questions: why do we have to do things in the morning? What are the reasons why we can’t do our jobs after lunch?

3. You can’t imagine waking up without you smartphone alarm. It feels like smartphones have been around forever.


They haven’t been around forever? Really?!

4. You actually hate people who are in good spirits in the morning.


No further comments needed.

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5. You don’t get why people are angry when you’re being late. 15 mins never killed anyone.


Everyone knows that you are allowed to be late sometimes. Not to mention that rules were made to be broken…

6. You frequently ask a friend to call you in the morning to wake you up. Because you don’t trust yourself.


… and you now that you will snooze until there will be no way back.

7. That’s why you ask your friend to call you as many times as it takes until you answer them and you tell them you’re awake.


We all have that one friend that we trust him do to that. Plus, BFFs don’t judge.

8. Your main excuse for always being late on mornings is “I’ve worked all night.”



Yeah… so did we bro, so did we…

9. 5 extra minutes never killed anyone. They can wait for you extra 5 minutes.



10. The main reason you wake up is because you are hungry or to be able to go back to sleep in the evening.


I am sure that you definitely relate to some – if not, all – of these sings. Let me know what other sings I could include into this list and share this is your not a morning person friends as well!

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