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2018, In Review

This might sound a little bit too early for you, but I’m ready for the Christmas chill, peace & quiet. But before ending a new year over here, I thought I would do something a little different to end the year on a high note.

I haven’t showcased too much of my personal experiences over here, but for those close to me, they know how eventful 2018 was for me. So, I decided to share the cheer.

Biggest wake-up call of my life

I might have been a little cryptic over Instagram about a health scare I’ve been through this summer. While I decided not to talk about it over here, it was the biggest wake-up call of my life.

It was a health issue that could have ended very bad for me, while I was quite far away from home and family. It was the scariest moment of my life and I never felt more desperate and hopeless. 

Although it was quite a terrible experience, it made me see certain things about my life that were right under my nose. I couldn’t be more grateful that it happened as it happened (with all the good and bad things) and it helped me get my priorities straight.

Best and worst haircuts

This is quite an achievement… what can I say?

As you can see from the picture above, my hair was ridiculously long. I haven’t chopped it in two or three years and all of the sudden I realised how uncomfortable it was. Then I decided to chop it off and donate the hair.

I went for a above the shoulders haircut (everyone has this haircut nowadays) and it looked gorgeous, I really loved it. Unfortunately, my hair grows surprisingly fast, and in 3 months I had to go back since it grew 3-4 centimetres already. 

This time on the other hand it was… and epic fail. Not sure what happened, but I can’t stand it even after a month. So this leaves me patiently waiting for another two to three months until it grows back to a normal, decent length.

And you know the funniest part? It was the same guy.

woman writing at laptop

In terms of blogging

I’m so excited about this part!

You know how I never like to share my goals before they are achieved, right? Well, now I can “proudly” share them with you:

  • publish a new blog post each week
  • grow the facebook page
  • do something about e-mailing list

These are the major ones. 

I am so happy that I managed to create new content on a weekly basis over here. With a full-time job, other small freelancing projects and a life waiting to be lived, I think this is not bad at all. Well, missed a few weeks due to health, but 90% or my goal was achieved.

The other day I made a quick analysis of the traffic I got in 2017, compared to 2018 and I was quite shocked to realise that this tiny piece of the interned grew 3 times! It’s crazy! And thoughtout the year, I felt like nothing happened. Don’t imagine huge numbers, though. But they count to me.

Setting priorities straight

After that “scary health situation” I finally managed to set my priorities straight. This basically translated into “me before my job”. It might sound bat to you, but honestly… I don’t really care. My beliefs don’t have to be yours.

I have made a short list of things I always wanted to do, but things like “when I’ll have more money” or “when I’ll feel less tired” and so on came between. So, one of the things on my list was to start learning Spanish. I’m currently on my 4th month of studying Spanish and I couldn’t be happier about it.

digital gadgets

What’s next?

Well, first of all, a well-deserved long winter break.

After that… a new year full of opportunities, challenges and lessons to be learnt and goals to achieve. 

As I already said, I don’t like to share my goals before they become reality, but I do really hope you would be part of it. 

With that being said, 2018 all I can say to you is THANK YOU! Thank you for all the ups and downs (especially downs), wisdom, gratitude and everything you taught me and gave me. I wish I could transfer you guys all the lessons I’ve learnt this year, but I guess that’s a journey each an everyone of us should go through.

Until we’ll ‘see’ each other again over here, let’s keep in touch over Facebook and Instagram with the most Christmasy posts. Also, you can check all the Christmas recipes, DIYs and gift ideas around here.


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