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5 facts about rain you probably didn’t know & their explanation


Since autumn is here, some facts about rain would be welcomed. It’s the perfect time to stare through the window and drink a mug of warm tea. Here are 5 amazing facts about rain, that you probably didn’t know.

1. The scent of dry earth after rain is called petrichor.

You know that fresh, peceful scent that you can smell after the rain stops? It actually has a name: petrichor. But it’s not rain’s scent, it’s actually earth’s scent. According to livescience.com, petrichor is a chemical reaction between the oils that are secreted by plants during dry periods, the bacterias that come to the surface of the ground when it rains, and of course, rain drops.

rain / tumblr

rain / tumblr

2. Why is rain making us feel peaceful?

There is a scientific & historical explanation why we love rain & its scent: It’s all about the past. Long time ago, human kind’s survival was depending on the existence of the rain. Apparently, somehow we kept that relaxing feeling that relates to rain throughout our evolution.



3. Rainbows without rain

You can see some optical phenomenons that look very similar with rainbows during night or without rain.

The white rainbow can be see during night thanks to the moon light. We see it white because our eyes aren’t able to distinguish colours without day light, weatherscapes says. Also the halos (rainbows without rain) are the results of the ice crystals in the atmosphere, so there’s still water there, but in different form.


4. There can be rain and sun at the same time

The sunshower is the meteorological phenomenon when it rains while it’s sunny. The phenomenon is associate with evil spirits in lots of cultures due to the damage that this phenomenon can bring to the plants.



5. Dry areas are more exposed to acid rain .

Dry areas which have deserts or not that much vegetation are more likely to be harmed by the acid rain. The vegetation can absorb some of the harmful elements of the acid rain, so the areas which are poor regarding vegetation are most likely to suffer more.



What facts about rain do you know?

  • Kim LaCoste

    LOVE the smell after a rain shower and the sound of rain when it’s a lazy weekend day inside:)

    • I love it too, Kim! Also a nice mug of tea is a must.

  • Taylor Smith

    Cool facts. I LOVE rain.

  • These were all really fun facts. I had no idea that dry areas were more exposed to acid rain. California!?!??!!?

    • Glad you like them!
      I dunno what to say about California, but I bet scientists know best.

  • Fascinating stuff here. I love the fresh feeling after summer rain.

    • I love it too! Especially summer thunderstorms.

  • sara

    I love a good rain storm and so do my plants outside! This was a great read, thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you & glad you liked it, Sara!

  • This was so interesting! I had no idea you could get rainbows without rain, but of course now that I think about it that makes total sense. Thanks for sharing these really interesting facts!

    • I’ve seen some rainless rainbows myself and I was amazed.
      Glad you liked the article, Hannah!