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choose cycling for daily commute

5 Reasons to Choose Cycling for Daily Commute

For a couple of months, or less, the self – shared city bike system was launched in the city where I live and I rediscovered that I didn’t forget how to ride a bike and I decided to choose cycling for daily commute whenever it’s possible. I say when it’s possible because I don’t have a bike, and I use the self – shared system and sometimes I end up not finding any bike at the bike stop near me.

choose cycling for daily commute

source: businessinsider.com

Now… to choose cycling for daily commute require some skills – like knowing how to ride a bicycle. If you live in a big, crowded city, the odds might be that there is self – rented services available. A self – rented service is usually implemented in big, crowded cities to avoid traffic jams and so on. The system that is in my city allows you to use a bike for free for 60 mins/rent – this means you can use the bike free every single time, as long as you don’t keep it for more that 1 hour/rent.

The huge drawback of cycling for daily commute is that during cold seasons, like winter, it will be difficult cu commute by bicycle because of the snow, ice & water. But you have other three seasons available for cycling.

choose cycling for daily commute

source: sydneycycleways.net

1. It’s healthier

This is the most known reason that lots of specialists encourage us to choose cycling for daily commute. If you are just as lazy as I am – and you don’t workout at all – cycling a few days each week would be amazing for you!

Cycling is know for increasing flexibility, joint mobility, strengthen bones and is also helps reduce stress levels and anxiety and depression, as this article teaches us.

2. It’s more comfortable

I dunno about you, but I hate to be stuck sitting in a bus so crowded that someone is constantly squeezing me. Not to mention about the smell during warm seasons.

I find cycling much more comfortable. Choose a uncongested area which doesn’t have lots of traffic or pedestrians. Avoid city center – because that is the most crowded area in the city – big bus stops, shopping areas and so on. But you know your city best; avoid the crowded areas on rush hour.

choose cycling for daily commute

source: waldo.bike

3. It’s faster

I lost count of how many times a bike took me to my destination faster or as fast as a bus did. Because you’re cycling, you can choose your own route, you don’t have to stop at each bus stop, stop at traffic lights and so on.

Not to mention those times when the bus or your own car gets stuck in traffic and it’s faster to walk. A bike will get you through those stuck buses and cars fast ans easy; no stress.

4. It’s quality time spent with yourself

I was surprised to discover how refreshed and peaceful I felt after my first bike ride in a long time. I don’t know how, but a bike ride can prove very refreshing.

5. It’s therapeutic

Because it will make you feel refreshed, relaxed and more peaceful, cycling will help you prevent anxiety and depression.

choose cycling for daily commute

source: c40.org

Are these reasons enough to choose cycling for daily commute?

I start to enjoy cycling more and more, it makes me feel so good and I really hate smelly, hot buses during summer. Not to mention how you can maximise that cycling time: listen to music, podcast or hold telephone conferences.

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