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5 Romanian Superstitions About New Year’s Eve

Romanian people are quite religious and we like to keep traditions and superstitions just as our grandparents taught us. I don’t believe in superstitions, but I think they are a nice way to keep the traditions of a culture going. There are many superstitions about

new year’s eve that are commonΒ for other cultures as well; you will find them in different forms in other Eastern European countries as well.

1. Wear something red

It’s said that red colour will bring you good luck and will keep you away from evil spirits. You also are supposed to wear new clothes to welcome the new year proper.

2. Make noise to drive away evil spirits

That’s why we have fireworks. In the past, at the countryside whips were used to make noise. Let the windows open at midnight if you want evil spirits to be banished from your home.



3. Carry rice & money in your pockets at midnight

It’s believed that rice & money will bring you prosperity during the new year.

4. Don’t clean up around the house

That’s a great superstition! You don’t have to clean up around the house on the 31st of December and 1st of January; you will throw away your luck together with the dust and garbage.



5. Be careful who visits you

If the first person who visits you on the 1st of January it’s a brunette man, it will bring good luck. It’s believed that blonde or redheaded women bring bad luck.

Romania is more than just the Dracula legend. We have lots of beautiful traditions and beliefs and we like to keep them alive.

What superstitions about New Year’s eve do you have in your country, do they look like the Romanian ones? Please share them with me in the comments down below or on social media.

Happy New Year!


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