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7 Things you Shouldn’t do During Finals but Still Do


Finals are definitely one of the most stressed period of time in every student’s life. Procrastinating is one of our favourite thing to so when we have to study, because studying is boring and seems useless.

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1. Starting a new TV show

tv shows during finals


Last winter, during finals, I started to watch Bones. In case you are not aware, it has 11 seasons. Imagine how busy I was during finals.

2. Creating irrelevant “urgent” tasks



Oh, my God! Are we out of that useless thing that we don’t need? We MUST go and buy another one.

I really have to read this not-finals-related book right now. And I have to finish it in one week.

3. Cleaning out stupid things around the house



Oh, it’s finals week? I think it’s time to clean up the microwave and the bathroom with a toothbrush.

4.Wasting time on social media and complaining about how much you have to study for finals



I honestly think that I spend more time complaining about how much I have to study instead of actually studying.

5. Dying of boredom



… because you don’t have anything else to do. Studying for finals is so boring and useless, that it could actually kill you. Not to mention that it is called stuDYING for a reason.

6. Canceling all your night outs


… because you have to study for your finals. Instead you watch Game of Thrones and eat junk food, waiting for the motivation to study to come.

7. Wondering what’s the meaning of life

study for finals


Why do we go to Uni, despite the fact that older people who attended Uni told us that is useless and you won’t apply nothing that you have learnt when you start working?

Why do we have to pay a tuition fee for something that is not helpful for our future career?

Why do we have to work? And why do we need money for everything?

What am I doing?!

… and two days before an exam you’ll be like this



What other things are you doing during finals, despite the fact that you shouldn’t do them? Procrastinating doesn’t count!

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