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8 Pieces of Advice to Help You Study More Efficiently

1. Be aware

Finals are exhausting, so be aware of that and start getting ready a bit earlier: create a study schedule, decide where or with whom are you going to study and so on. Studying 2 days before the exam can work (I’ve been there sooo many times), but it might not bring you the results that you expect; plus you will become a zombie.

2. No phone

Put it on DND, so that only specific people can disturb you – social media or internet connection not allowed as well (only if you need it for studying).


3. Go to the library

or anywhere but not in your bedroom – changing the environment will help you focus better.

4. Create a schedule

– certain waking up hours, routines etc.
A learning schedule didn’t work for me. Knowing that I have to learn a certain amount of chapters makes me anxious, I get nervous and I can’t focus. But maybe it will work for you, so give it a try.

5. Stay healthy

– and by that I mean to drink water and eat. Skipping meals and drinking infinite numbers coffee mugs, won’t do any good to you.

6. Relax

– it’s important to have some well deserved breaks; sleep well, have regular breaks – it will help you focus better. When you can’t stop thinking about a certain thing (how hungry you are or how much you need to pee) don’t snooze it. Take a quick break, go pee and come back. You will make it worse if you keep snoozing it, because you won’t get any of those two rabbits: neither focusing, nor peeing (or any other thing that’s on your mind :D).


7. Take notes & play

Take quick notes while studying – it will help you memorize information faster. The good old trick is to make fun associations to help you remember certain things (for example, when I have a long list of elements to remember, I take the first letter of each work and I create an abbreviation weirdness that will help me remember all the steps). This video will give you lots of tricks about how to study more efficiently.

8. Enjoy

your achievement after the finals are over with a 2 days sleep in & pizza.

Let me know what other tips you have that help you study more efficiently and please share this article with others if you found it useful.

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