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8 Reasons Why I Love Summer Time

Let’s face it: when it’s winter we miss summer and when is summer, we miss winter. But since there are only a couple of weeks left of summer – or at least the official period of time for summer – I thought I should share my top reasons why I love summer.

First of all, let me say that I’m born in the middle of the summer and I am not crazy about the hot season. Usually we have temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius, which is very hot and not comfortable at all. But this summer chilled out a little and we didn’t reach the disturbing 42 degrees high point. And even if just a little, a chilly summer is worth loving and enjoying.

8 Reasons Why I Love Summer Time

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1. Tanned skin

I am not a huge fan of sunbathing because I have fair skin which burns fast and tans almost never. What I do love is that sunbathing during the early morning hours (8 to 10) is healthy and recommended for your skin – it helps the vitamin D and melanin production. There is no need for sunscreen during those hours, so it’s perfect because I can tan a little. I don’t have the patience to lay around all day in the sun, so two hours in the morning and two in the evening are perfect for my skin and I also get a soft, delicate tan.

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2. Ice Cream

My forever favourite? Pistachio ice cream!

I know that there are crazy people who are eating ice cream during winter (sorry if I offended you), but ice cream is more tasty during summer. Don’t you agree?

3. Summer Thunderstorms

I am a huge rain lover. I find peace and quite in rainy days and summer thunderstorms are amazing. It’s funny because when I was a kid I was very scared by thunderstorms and now I ended up loving them.

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4. Corn

I don’t know if corn is a thing everywhere, but I here it is. We usually eat it boiled and we season it with lots of salt – no butter or any other spices. But my true love is baked corn. I eat it plain and it is amazing.

This is a thing that I love and hate about summer. I get to eat baked or boiled corn only in July – August because during this period the corn is still soft and sweet, perfect for boiling or baking.

5. The seaside

I am lucky enough to live in a country where we have both seaside and mountain side. I am a Cancer and I love water and I managed a few years ago to learn how to swim. You could literally forget me in the sea and I don’t mind. I love swimming, playing or just being lazy in the sea.

6. Water fights

… because they are refreshing and you can’t use as an excuse that your clothes will get wet. They will dry super fast on you because it is so hot. Not to mention that it is a lot of fun – reminds me of childhood.

7. The fruits

Strawberries, melon, honeydew, raspberry, peaches and the list is endless. Summer bring us so many delicious flavours with its fruits! Also they are very healthy (if they are grown naturally) as well, not just tasty.

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8. Longer days

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when it’s November and at 5 p.m. is dark outside.

During summer we have longer days and I also feel more motivated and full of energy when it’s light outside till late evening.

These are my top reasons why I love summer. Why ? Please share them with me in the comments down below!

Enjoy the rest of the summer as you still can!

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