'cuz life is so random


logo-jAbout the blog

*janded is a bilingual blog, having its roots back in 2010, when it started as a personal wordpress blog, as a space for manifesting creativity.

The main tag – ‘cuz life is so random. – reflects perfectly the diverse content of the blog: movies, books, cool events, crafts, design, DIYs, food recipes, travels, cool places to visit and so on.

Life is beautiful and the best things that happen to all of us are random, spontaneous and unexpected. So why don’t share them with the rest of the world and make someone else’s day better, ‘cuz life is so random and adventurous? We want to bring a little sparkle of creativity and joy to this virtual world and share the best things that matter in life and that should be enjoyed.

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About the person who writes here

Hellow! My name is Cristina and I am the person behind the keyboard. I’ve discovered my passion for writingabout who writes on janded when I was quite young and I started to write random fanfiction for different books, TV shows or movies that I didn’t like the ending: I was writing my own ending, creating new characters and so on. I started to post my creations on different forums and I was very surprised to see that people were actually enjoying reading my work.

Later on, I became an volunteer for NGOs such as the Red Cross, Let’s do it! and AIESEC. The experience of witnessing so many life changing experiences reminded me how much I love writing, how beautiful life is and how amazing it would be to share these life experiences with everyone.

This is how *janded started: as a wish to share life experiences worth hearing and living.  

I am passionate about writing (obviously), food, crafting, traveling, photography and finding ways to be a better person. You will find all these passions related somehow in the content of this blog. Join me on my journey of discovering new passions, improving and sharing them!

I am very happy to have you around and I hope you’ll enjoy my little virtual corner!

If you’d like to find out more about the blog, you can check the F.A.Q. section, or contact me. I’m more than happy to chat. Also, we can stay in touch on social media as well.