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10 Activities To Do On a Long Journey

I live in a country where it takes more than half a day to travel 500 km by train, so imagine that every single time I go home, I have to come up with new killing-time activities to do on a long journey.

First of all, I make sure that I have some essential travel items in my handbag and after that I start planning my activities. Some of them, you will see, are very common, but on a 12 h journey, even those can get over rated.

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picture: flickr.com / edit: janded.eu

picture: flickr.com / edit: janded.eu

1. Listen to music – 1-2 hours

I know. It’s mainstream, but this is one of the best ways to kill a couple of hours. You can create your playlist from home, or listen on apps like Spotify. I works as a charm.

2. Sleep – 2-3 hours

You might find it a bit difficult to sleep on a train or car, but when you get really tired it doesn’t really matter. I’m a heavy sleeper, I can sleep anywhere, anytime; but if you are not, the take stuff like a sleeping pillow (travel size) put some sleepy music and kill more hours.

3. Stalk everyone on social media – 1 hour

You have plenty of time to see what each and every one of your friends were up to lately. Spam twitter or snapchat with updates of how long and boring the journey is.

4. Put people up to date with your journey status – 1 hour

That implies talking to the phone. Call some of your friends, catch up with what you both have been up to and so on. 3 to 4 phone calls should do.



5. Read a book – 1-2 hours

Long journeys are the perfect time to read a book or two. If you don’t have any movement problems (I can’t read in the car – it makes me sick) read as much as you can and want. I think that there is no better way to maximise the time wasted on a way too long journey.

6. Play games – 2-3 hours

One of my favourite game to play is The Settlers of Catan – the card game; it can be played in 2 up to 4 players, each round takes about 30 mins and it’s really cool.

There are lots of other games that can be played with paper and a pen. Another game that I love is charades – I think it’s one of the most hilarious game ever.

7. Draw – 1 hour

Doodling can prove to be very therapeutic when you’re bored. You will discover how creative you actually are. Boredom can have many faces…

8. Judge the other passengers

Oh, my God! How many times you had to cope with a crying, screaming baby in an airplane, train or bus?! It happens all the time, I swear! If I’ll ever have kids, I’ll get them on long trips after they turn like 10 or something.

There are also other people who – even though they sit right in front of each other – they yell like hell. Do I have to mention how disturbing this is when you want to sleep, read, speak on the phone etc? So even if it’s not ethical, feel free to judge these kind of people.



9. Eat & drink – 1 hour

I never buy snacks from the train trolley because they are unbelievable expensive. I buy some snacks from the train station or make some a day before the trip. I’m a foodie and I almost every single time take lots of food with me (more than I need or can eat).

A good thing to keep in mind is not to take smelly food with you – it will be very disturbing. Smelly food that had strong flavours or anything like that.

10. Watch a movie – 2 hours

Take your laptop with you and make sure that it is fully charged and that it has a movie or two on it. I usually catch up with the TV series that I’m usually watching.

Hope these activities will make your next long journey less boring. Let me know what other activities to do on a long journey you know.


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