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Cool mailing app of the month: CloudMagic


I dunno how satisfied you are by the basic mailing app from iOS, but I believe it’s crap. It failed to send me notifications for each mail that I was receiving and I was losing lots of e-mails and information, so I decided to search for a new, really cool mailing app. That’s how I discovered CloudMagic.

Cool mailing app that integrates all your e-mail addresses


CloudMagic is the successful combination between Google’s Inbox and Apple’s mailing app, because you can connect multiple mailing accounts (such as google, yahoo, outlook etc) – Apple’s mailing app does that, while Inbox doesn’t. But let’s see a list of pros & cons. πŸ˜€


CloudMagic requires a password to open

CloudMagic requires a password to open

  • you can add multiple mailing accounts;
  • it has other app extensions integrated such as pocket or evernote;
  • you can set the app to require a password before it opens;
  • you can set reminders for certain e-mails;
  • you can personalize your signature for each account;
  • all inboxes / each account view;
  • clean & simple design;
  • works for iOS 7.0.


  • it takes quite some seconds for the app to open when its protected by password;
  • team contacts is available just for Android (for the moment);
  • its available just for AndroidΒ and AppleΒ – lots of people have Windows Phones;
  • my Yahoo! account works harder that the other accounts that I have connected; dunno if it’s my phone’s fault, Yahoo’s or CloudMagic’s;

I don’t care too much about the cons because they don’t affect my experience using the app. For example, I can set a password for the entire phone, not just for the app; and my Yahoo! mail is not my main mailing address.


As I said in the begging, CloudMagic is the perfect combination between Inbox (the logos are very similar though) and the standard mailing app for iOS. AΒ is a very happy combination for those like me who want all their e-mails to be easy manageable and in one place.

Let me know what you think about CloudMagic if you’ve tried it already!

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