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Apps for brain stimulation: FitBrains vs Peak

Today we have two cool apps that will challenge your brain a little: FitBrains and Peak. They both have the same goal, but let’s see which one is better.

Both are apps for brain stimulation. They are developed by neuroscientists and you have each day small and easy games for you to play. The games are designed to challenge e certain part of your brain, such as memory, focus, speed, visual and so on. The apps follow your progress and give you reports and analysis.


They are both on the ‘Apps of the Year’ list by App Store so the soft or design quality is not an issue. A strong point for FitBrains is that it is also available for Android, while Peak is not.

I use themΒ both now and the games are very similar, but the design is different a bit.

The tracking system is different. FitBrains measures your progress by points scored out of a total of 300 points on each area (dunno what happens when you reach 300) and they show you small circles with your progress in comparison with other users results. Peak also uses a point measuring system but it creates a spider graphic and you can opt to select your domain of activity and the app shows you general graphics for the specific prosessional domain.

Let’s talk about pricing

Are these apps expensive? Yes. They are. But they also have free versions, but fewer features available.

Peak has a pretty spicy price I would say: 31 euros / year.

FitBrains is 9 euros / year, but they have the 45 euros / year subscription where you have access to their website and other apps. They also have special offers sometimes; now for example you can get a lifetime subscription for 22 euros, which I think is quite a deal considering that the app is really pro.

Let’s wrap-up
  • they both have similar challenge games;
  • both have tracking systems: but Peak’s graphic and option to compare you personal graphic with a general graphic for a certain profession is a strong point.
  • FitBrains is cheaper than Peak, in case you want a full subscription;
  • from a personal and subjective point of view, I like Peak’s design more.

Have you tried one of these apps? Which one is your favourite? Vote bellow!

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