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5 Apps for Travelling you Must Download for your Next Vacation

Even if summer is almost gone, it doesn’t mean that holidays must be over for you too. The begging of autumn (like September or October) is a great period of time to travel to warmer countries such as Spain, Cyprus or Greece. And it’s usually cheaper. I thought about sharing with you my go-to apps for travelling that has proved to be more than useful, hoping that you will find them helpful as well.

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apps for travelling

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5 Apps for Travelling you Must Download for your Next Holiday

1. Google Translate

I know it sounds mainstream, but most of the apps for travelling shared on this list are so. But they are super useful.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • it can translate offline if you download the languages when you are connected to the internet, so no mobile data panic;
  • the app has some widgets (which I recommend you download at the airport, or wherever you can find free Wi-Fi) that can translate voice messages and also scans text.

If you go to Greece, for example, you will most likely not understand anything. Google Translate will scan the restaurant’s menu and it will translate it. Don’t expect the translation to be 100% accurate. Also, Β a helpful thing is to translate everything into English – chances are that the translation will be more accurate than in your native language.

2. Foursquare

Foursquare will give you recommendations of restaurant or cool places to visit according to your location and preferences. Wanna eat sushi in Spain? Let Foursquare check if there are any restaurants in the area. You can see the reviews and the grate the place has, according to other people’s experience.

3. Trip Advisor

The advanced version of Foursquare, Trip Advisor will actually give you pieces of advice for your trip. πŸ˜€ Crazy, huh?! You get pieces of advice for trips, plane flights, places to visit or eat. It is more complex than Foursquare and I like to surf it a day before to decide how the next day will look like.

4. Google Maps

Google made the most useful apps for travelling of all time. Their maps show you petrol stations, bus stops, ATMs and not only. Another strong point of Google Maps (besides being superΒ accurate) is that you can download them for offline use. Again, no mobile data wasted.

5. Bonjournal

Not so famous as the previous apps, Bonjournal is a minimalist journal app for travelling. You can add Photos, check-ins and the design of this app is so simple yet beautiful. Keep all those nice memories and photos in one place.

Have you used any of these apps during your holidays? Let me know in the comments down below, I love finding out your opinion.

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