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avoid cold and flu

How To Avoid Cold and Flu With These Simple Tips

With the weather getting colder by day, so is the chance of catching a cold or flu. No one likes the sore muscles, runny nose and the fever. We all want to avoid cold and flu since it can keep you in bed for days, unable to do anything.

Cold and flu have very similar symptoms and it can be tricky to identify which you’re suffering from. They are both respiratory illnesses, but they are caused by different viruses. The main difference between cold and flu is the intensity of the symptoms: cold has milder symptoms. Also, depending on how fast the symptoms install, can also be a sign of which illness you suffer. Cold symptoms come on slowly, while flu will knock you out in just a few hours.

avoid cold and flu

It’s important to be able to tell the difference and to go to the doctor to ask for further assistance in case you fear you might have caught flu. Last, but not least there is the flu vaccine that can be done each year to prevent the chances of getting flu. Old people, children and pregnant women are more exposed and it’s recommended to them to get the vaccine.

Drink Fluids (Tea and Honey)

My Mum always tells me to drink more tea during cold weather to keep me warm and prevent the cold to installs. The lack of fluids in your body can affect your sinuses. Drink more fluids to help you sinuses drain better.

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Any fluid will do: tea, water, soup or juices will hydrate your body and give it some extra vitamins and nutrients.

get positive in the morning girl drinking tea

For a blocked nose I love to drink some peppermint tea. The fresh, spicy smell of the tea can help a blocked nose. If you have a sore throat, have some honey. Either add some in your tea (after the tea gets around 40 degrees) or have a couple of teaspoons on their own. Honey is one of the oldest remedies for sore throats and it has antibacterial properties. A recent study suggested that due to these properties, honey could be considered an antibiotic too.

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In this case, alcohol does not count as a fluid! Avoid it under any circumstances since it dehydrates you.

Stay Warm

Do you remember how often your Mum told you to get a hat or an extra coat since it’s cold outside and you will catch a cold? If I would have got a penny every single time she said that… well, everyone would be rich by now.

Cold temperatures affect the body in many ways, causing different distress, including weakening our immune systems. Which means higher chances for your body to crash easier in front of a virus.

So, yes, Mum was ALWAYS right.

Stay Away From Germs

Germs are everywhere, especially on things like lifts buttons, buses, door handles and so on. Things that are often used by lots of people are more likely to present a source of infection.

While you can’t isolate yourself in a bubble, you can remove some of the germs. 

  • wash your hands when you go inside
  • use antibacterial gel if you don’t have quick access to soap and water
  • disinfect the most dirty things: your phone, keyboard, mouse and desk  

Don’t go germ-crazy, of course. But paying a little extra attention can be very helpful. Be mindful, not crazy.

motivate you to workout clothes laid down


Moderate exercise improves blood flow, thus it helps your body flush toxins and fight germs better. So, exercise can improve your immune system’s ability to fight illness better.

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Studies show that even low levels of aerobics can help boost your immune system. So, if you’re a lazy ass like me – no worries, you don’t have to sweat too much at the gym to make it worth.

Stress Less

You may wonder what stress has to do with cold.

When we go through stressful periods of time, our body releases a hormone called cortisol – also known as the stress hormone. Cortisol is linked to affecting the memory, digestion and the overall ability of defence of our bodies.

So, try not to stress too much, sleep at least 7 hours per night, and have regular meals to lower your stress levels.

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