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Back to School Habits You Should Take Up Even If You’re Not in School Anymore

If there’s one thing that I’m very happy (and grateful for) about, that would be that I will. never. have. to. go. to. school. ever. again. Only if I want to collect a stack of useless diplomas. Which I don’t.

You see, I hated going to school (any kind of it: middle, college, uni… you call it). And my main reason for hating school was the waking up super early routine. I love sleeping. As a kid is horrible to wake up early. I think some (British) researchers concluded that young brains can’t work properly at early hours.

Also going into the back to school habits like doing homework are not fun. But as we grow older, we get less fun and we start missing the back to school feeling. Here are some back to school habits you should take up even you’re not in school anymore.

back to school habits stationary green

1. Wake up early(er)

If you are a lark already, please accept my appreciation. I ended up a morning person because of my lifestyle, but I can’t lie by saying I don’t enjoy oversleeping every now and then.

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Waking up early will give you plenty of time to do more or just enjoy a quiet hour by yourself. Which is always welcomed.

2. Have breakfast

If there’s something I’m missing from my school life, that would be my Mum’s breakfasts. When I was a kid,  she always made sure I had a warm and full breakfast.

Having a nice breakfast will give your body the energy it needs throughout the day and it will not screw up your digestive system (been there, never doing it again).

3. Have some snacks

The great thing about school is that you get a break every hour (or a couple of). What better time to have a snack? Fruits, nuts a quick sandwich, you name it; just have it.

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As adults, we have very chaotic lifestyles (especially at the beginning of adulthood) and having regular, healthy and nutritious meals is our last concerns.

4. Do your homework (aka get things done on a schedule)

School was easy. You had a list full of things you had to submit until a certain date; not doing so would cost you a bad mark. Nowadays it will probably cost you a part of your salary or even your job. Ouch. See, told you school was easier.

Anyway, setting goals to achieve until a certain due date is difficult if you are your own boss. So take some of those back to school habits of doing your homework in deadline. You can also set rewards or punishments. It’s school life all over again!

5. Go to sleep at the same hour

“Then what’s the purpose of growing if I can’t go to sleep whenever I want?!” you would say. True. But as much as I loved to stay up late when I was a child, the better I enjoy a good nap in the middle of the day now. This also includes going to bed quite early.

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Pointless to mention that if you want to wake up early, you have to go to sleep early.

Developing the habit is going to sleep and waking up at the (almost) same hour is very beneficial for our bodies and metabolism. You probably already noticed that you wake up naturally at the same hour. That’s because our bodies are that smart that they have their own sleeping cycles. So keep that routine going.

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