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Bad Habits We all Have That Will Make Our Lives Difficult

We all have bad habits. Some are really affecting our lifestyle and overall health, while some are just indulgences.

Some of the habits I’ll talk/write about are probably obvious, but I think they’re worth mentioning since they can do so much harm. They will look harmless, but on long-term, they can affect your health quite a lot. Let’s dig in!

1. Smoking

This is probably the most obvious one. I am 100% against smoking. I smoke – as any curious teenager – but I never could understand why people actually do it.

I lost a couple of dear people to lung cancer and my dad is a smoker as well. Smoking kills 1 in 5 US citizen according to statistics. This bad habit is notorious for causing:

  • lung cancer
  • significant increase of heart disease probability
  • higher possibility of stroke

So try not to take up smoking or try to get rid of cigarettes. If you think you can’t because it’s already in addiction, think if your loved ones deserve to see you slowly dying of a terrible disease.

2. Not going to sleep at the same hour

There’s nothing wrong to have a party night every now and then.

Going to sleep at the same hour will give you a nice night of peaceful sleep and stress-free mornings. Our bodies love routine and getting the right amount of sleep each night is important.

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3. Drinking too much alcohol

There are recommended amounts of alcohol our body can absorb without much damage.

Doctors recommend 2-3 units for women and 3-4 units for men daily. An unit represents about 10 ml of pure alcohol. So a beer or a glass of wine. Men can have some extra alcohol since their body is larger and stores more water, which helps to dilute the alcohol faster. You can read more about alcohol consumption here.

bad habits girl reading on kindle

4. Not moving around

I’m not talking about working out since it starts to turn into a cliche.

The 10k steps that are on each and every app, they mean something. Of course, it’s highly recommended to workout on a regular basis, but if you can’t do it, at least try to make up for it:

  • try to walk more
  • don’t sit in a chair for 8 hours, try to move around
  • if you have a desk job, try to stand every once in a while
  • do some light stretching in the morning

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5. Staring at a screen

Our day-to-day cycle is influenced and guided by light. Based on the amount of light we’re getting, out mood can change.

It’s widely known that blue light inhibits melatonin secretion. Blue light is emitted by electronics, while melatonin is also known as sleep hormone. So watching the TV – like I do sometimes – right before falling asleep will affect the quality of your sleep.

Also, we tend to “forget” to blink while we stare at a screen. Not blinking enough is drying our eyes, which on long term can damage the eyesight. What my ophthalmologist recommended me – besides trying to blink regularly – was to stare at an invisible spot away from the screen a few times a day.

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6. Scrolling

It’s sooo easy to start scrolling through any social media wall. The moment you start realizing what you’re doing, an entire hour has passed.

My point here is that we are so addicted to social media, that we don’t realize how’s affecting us. Maybe you’d say it’s nothing wrong with spending “some time catching up with friends”. But 30 minutes now, 30 later… will pile up. People are getting anxiety when they picture losing their phone of having their social media accounts hacked. Not to mention it can severely damage your productivity.

So less scrolling, more happiness.

7. Not saying no

It’s so difficult to say no to someone, especially when it’s your boss or a close friend or relative. We feel guilty, horrible and useless when we think of saying no. We are afraid of conflict or we’re trying to protect ourselves in case we might need someone’s help at a certain time. If you’re saying ‘yes’ now, they’ll have to say ‘yes’ to you when your turn comes, right?

It’s true that some people really don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, but there are some things you can try:

  • explain why you can’t help right now
  • offer your help for a future need – “I can do this now, but how about we do this…”
  • tell them all you have to do and let them choose if their need is more important – works with the boss

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You might feel well when you say ‘yes’, but when things pile up and you’re stressed AF, unable to eat and sleep well, you’ll probably regret not saying ‘no’ when you had to.


It’s difficult to realise now what will harm you in the future. All the habits listed above, we consider them “light”. There’s nothing wrong of staying up late tonight, and the next one and the next one and so on.

We feel the social pressure of living ‘the perfect’ life, but honestly – you don’t have to eat only kale to be healthy and happy. Health and happiness come in many forms and that’s the good news.

I personally believe in balance – if there is a balance, you’re good. But if it turns into excess, karma will get you one day.

How many of the habits above do you have and how many have you tried to ditch? Let me know in the comments!

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