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9-to-5 benefits

Benefits of 9-to-5 Life You Might Not Acknowledge

You’ve probably heard from your parents or older relatives the endless  9-to-5 benefits: the stability, the medical insurance, career development and so on. So, ofI won’t bother you with those – and to be honest, it probably up to you to decide if they are actually benefits for you or not – so are the ones below.

The Routine

The routine of a 9-to-5 live is probably the most controversial benefit of this list. I know I have a love-hate (more ‘hate’, honestly) relationship with the 9-to-5, but I try to see the positive aspect of it, instead of loosing my mind completely. 

Having a routine can lower your stress levels, give you better sleep and overall improve your health, as this article shows. We are talking about healthy routines like having a fruit each day, going for a run in the morning, walking your doggo during the lunch break and so on. Smoking after lunch is also a routine, but not a healthy one on long-term. I think I made myself clear that this is about the ‘good stuff’ in your life.

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Even though you might feel like the 9-to-5 routine is killing you slowly and your life is fast passing by, take a moment to re-think it.

Make a short list with all the healthy habits you achieved during adapting to the eight hours working schedule.

For me, for example, it would be having home cooked breakfast and lunch, finally having some sort of a skin care routine in the morning and reading for about an hour each day while commuting. I’d say that pretty good for a routine that feels like sucking the life out of you. How does your list look like?

The Team and Community

This can also be debatable because you can have the shittiest team workers ever – which means you probably should consider a new job. Just saying.

I can’t work in a team that does not somehow share my life values and overall conception about life. We – freaking millennials – value the working environment and the team spirit. We feel good when we’re surrounded by like-minded people that can support and boost our motivation to keep going.

Each company has different values and they get involved in social activities as well. If you somehow ‘vibrate’ with these actions and values, chances are you will feel much better about your job than most people do.

The Learning Cycle

This is probably the one benefit of the 9-to-5 life that you can’t find in a freelance career. 

digital nomad

You work in a team, where each individual is specialized (or should be, at least) in a certain field. You can learn so much from them, as a professional, but as a human being as well. Expand your knowledge and network, even if you won’t be working colleagues for ever – you might turn business partners later, who knows!

The Social ‘Life’

You probably think “but there’s no social like when you’re living the 9-to-5 live!”. I tend to agree, somehow. After a horrible day at work, you don’t have the energy to go out for drinks. You don’t have to always have the time, energy and money for some socializing.

But that quick chat you have over a coffee break, the jokes you share while you meet in the bus, the experiences you share during the lunch break – they still count as socializing. You don’t get to do this too much if you work from home on a daily basis. 

Of course, this implies you have at least one co-worker you get along with. If there’re more, the fun piles up.

9-to-5 life doesn’t have to be all horrible, lacking energy and good company. After all, I truly believe we get to see only one part in things we encounter. Just because mostly everyone totally hates and complains about the 9-to-5, it doesn’t mean it has to be your reality as well.

Quick tip: don’t share that you like the 9-to-5 – or even worst, that you love it. People will think you’re crazy. You don’t have to fit in their reality, only in yours.

Stay positive and let me know what you like/love about the 9-to-5 life in the comments below!

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