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Best Homemade Pizza Dough

I know that lots of people are buying pizza because they are too afraid to make homemade pizza dough. It was scary for me as well, but with some practice I managed to put together the best homemade pizza dough recipe. It is super easy, you just need to follow the steps and you will never want to buy pizza again. It does not take a lot of time, ingredients or practice, so don’t worry, you will nail this dough!

Homemade Pizza Dough

Servings Prep time Waiting time Cook time Difficulty
1 15 min 30-45 min 10 – 15 min Easy

homemade pizza dough

What you will need

  • 250 grams of whole purpose flour (there is also ‘flour for pizza’, but the regular flour will do);
  • 150 ml of warm water (more or less, depending on how fast your flour will absorb the water);
  • 5 grams of dried yeast;
  • 3 tbsp of dried basil;
  • 1 tsp of garlic powder;
  • a pinch of salt.

Before we start here are some things that I want to share:

  • the original recipe does not include garlic or basil. The reason why I chose to add them is because it will give your pizza a great flavour. The tomato sauce will infuse in the oven with the flavours from the dough and it will taste delicious!
  • read the instructions of your dried yeast! The brand that I’m using does not require to dissolve the yeast in warm water, so I’ll skip this step.

1. Start by mixing well all your dry ingredients (flour, dried yeast, basil, garlic and salt) together in a medium sized bowl with an wooden spoon.


2. Add the warm water. Now, here’s the trick: depending on how absorbent your flour is, you might need more or less water. So keep some extra flour or water near, just in case.

3. Mix with the wooden spoon until you get a quite trick mixture. It will be difficult to mix with the spoon from now on. At this moment it will look hopeless, but don’t despair! Set the wooden spoon aside and start mixing your dough by hand (it’s an oddly satisfying feeling, trust me!).


4. When your dough starts to come together, take it out of the bowl and batter it on a clean surface dusted with some flour, to avoid stickiness.

5. Batter the dough for 3-5 mins until you have a soft, non sticky, elastic dough.

6. Form a small ball out of it and put it back into the bowl. Add a couple of olive oil tablespoons on top of the dough to prevent it from getting dry.


7. Cover it with a clean kitchen towel and set aside in a warm spot, for about 30 minutes (depending on your yeast instructions) or until it doubles in size.

And this is it! You have just made your first homemade pizza dough! Congrats! You can also use a mixer to make the dough as well.

What you have to know is that the dough will be oily when you’ll get it out of the bowl. But you might still need some extra flour to prevent it for sticking. It all depends on how fast you work with the dough.

You can use this dough not just for pizza; it is also good for calzonne or even pita bread.

Let me know what you think about this recipe and if you found it useful! Just in case, check out these amazing pizza photos right here.

Share this recipe with your friends and gather together to bake your own pizza; it’s lots of fun!

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