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Best Messaging App: Telegram Messenger | App of the Month

I’ve talked about Telegram Messenger previously here, but it’s in Romanian so I thought that such an amazing app deserves two articles about it.

Short story: Telegram Messenger is the best messaging app, even better than WhatsApp.


Telegram Messenger Logo / telegram.org

It does basically the same things, but it’s waaay cooler than WhatsApp. I’ve read that WhatsApp is now free, like forever, but it doesn’t matter. Here are some really cool things about Telegram:


  • it’s forever free;
  • it’s ads free as well;
  • it’s available on all devices (iOS, Android, Chrome Browser, Desktop);
  • it has this amazing sticker that are basically memes with famous people like Einstein, Cleopatra, Princess Diana, Dante, Bob Marley and so on + you can create your own stickers – check them out here;
  • it allows you to set a password;
  • it has link preview & opens YouTube videos straight in the app;
  • you can send gifs & search videos straight from the app;

  • you can manage groups up to 1000 members;
  • it has channels.

… and the list would be endless! This app has so many amazing features and you have to try them out! You won’t get bored so easy.

For me is clearly the best chat app right now. I like it a lot because of its amazing features, its security and speed. They are focusing on encrypting the messages as much as possible to bring the safety back in online messaging area.

I really love this app and I use it daily. You must try it, because you will fall in love with it! You can find out more about Telegram’s many features, updates and not only on their blog where they post everything. Spread the word & let me know what you think about the best messaging app.

Happy chatting with Telegram! 🙂


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