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reasons to love spring spring blossom

Best Out of Spring | Reasons to Be Excited About Spring

I couldn’t written this article until the weather outside gor really spring-ish and everything. Now that the mood has been settled, I can share why spring is my favourite season. Although I’m born during summer (literally in the middle of it), I’m not crazy about 40 degrees C temperatures, dehydration, sweat and so on. I also don’t enjoy winter too much either. Beside Christmas, of course. But winter here is quite close to Frozen. Or The Wall. You can understand why I’m not crazy about it. Autumn is nice because is somewhere in between, but sometimes it gets really rainy around here and having to wear rain boots for a whole week is not fun.

reasons to love spring spring blossom

So, I guess you figured it out the only good season left is spring. It’s not too hot, nor to cold. It does not rain a lot and it’s that period of the year when everything comes to life (including me).

Here are some other good reasons to be excited about spring’s arrival

1. It brings back the energy

After all the winter holidays, the food, the cold and so on, spring really brings back that energy we’re all craving. Sometimes I think New Year’s should be on the 1st of March. Way more appropriate.

2. All the landscapes

Spring is that great time of the year when everything comes back to life. Everything is green again, the trees are blossoming and it gives you an amazing view.

3. The flowers

If there’s something that says “spring’s here”, that would be flowers. You can buy flowers during winter too, but there is something different about the ones that grow naturally. They smell different and improve your mood instantly.

4. The warm weather

In case you haven’t figure it out, yet.

5. The veggies

I’m not a veggie addict, but I really enjoy eating a fresh salad with spring onion and delicious tomatoes. The veggies grown as close as possible in a natural way are the best.

5. Fashion

I’m no big fashionista, but one gets tired of boots after wearing them for more that 3 months. The fact that you can five up some layers and just wear a leather jacket and a nice T-shirt with some converse is really nice and comfy.

6. The cold drinks can be back

I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but boy, I love frappes. Maybe is not that warm yet, buy it better than drinking it at 0 degrees C. Also ice teas have been missed.

7. Longer days

This goes hand in hand with the energy boost. It feel so damn good to have sun light until almost 7 p.m. Boy, I’ve missed this so much!

What are the reasons you love spring?

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  • Dapper House

    I completely agree with this list. I also love spring because of the home decor! Colors get brighter, flowers get livelier, and the sun pours through the windows!

  • I love warmer weather and the fashion! I’m so sick of wearing layers and I’m ready to ditch the tights!

    Molly and Stacie

  • I can’t wait for the longer days! I need more sunlight in my life!

  • Love the warmer weather and I’m all about having an iced drink in my hand! Spring is also perfect beach weather…not too hot but not too cold.

    • Well, summer here can get as close as 40 degrees C…

  • Fashion, flowers and long days for sure! I love getting tonshed my layers after the cold Canadian winter, I love putting my flats in again, and I LOVE getting back outside!

    Also, and this applies to all seasons, but I love when the smells and sounds of the season change! With spring it’s freshness and birds!

    Laura @ http://www.cookwineandthinker.com

    • Oh, true about the sesons’ smell. Never thought about it. I really love spring and winter smell.

  • ohhh this made my heart swoon!! the longer days! The warmer weather! the flowers! yay spring!

  • Daylight! There’s nothing better than leaving work one day and realizing, “wait, it’s still light out!” – it’s the little things like that plus warmer weather that let you know winter is on its way OUT.

  • Spring is my favorite season too; I was born in April. I love that it’s still cool but not hot like summer.

  • Whimsy

    I can’t wait for that warm weather to come to where I live!

  • I love Spring. I live in a really nice rural area and there will soon be signs of new life all around. It’s lovely.

  • Greta Hollar

    So excited about spring fashion, warmer weather and flowers!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  • I love Spring! Other than the rainy days, it’s my favorite weather. Jean shorts and a basic long sleeve is my absolute favorite look :)

  • Yes, yes, yes! I’m all in for spring, warm weather, and lots of veggies/fruit.

    xo, Elizabeth // txelizabeth.com

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    I’m sooo excited about spring…. the fashion is the absolute best part!