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Best pizza in Cluj is at TOHA Bistro

Pizza is life! I don’t know who exactly invented this amazing food and how it ended up in so, so many varieties, but who ever did it, you are my hero!

Because I love pizza, I am very strict when it come to choose the best pizza. I don’t eat pizza for every restaurant that comes in my way.

[Now let’s talk about PizzaHut a little. Lots of people love this brand and I don’t understand why. Did you know that they spray your pizza with oil to make it look better? WHO DOES THAT TO A GOOD PIZZA?! Not to mention that their pizza is not even that tasty at all. I ordered a quattro formaggi and I could barely feel the cheese, not to mention that they said that it had basil as well – it got only ONE, tiny basil leaf in the middle. And it’s more expensive than average pizza. Just go home, PizzaHut…]

pizza hut fail

PizzaHut fail

As I said, I am very strict when it comes to pizza so imagine my excitement when I discovered that there was a pizza restaurant really close to my flat. Heaven! I didn’t knew what to except so I just went for it. The first thing that I noticed was how friendly these guys were! Almost all the time I get some extra sauce, because they know me and probably know how desperate I am for pizza. πŸ˜€toha-9

No joke here, but this is one of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten so far. And is by far the best pizza in Cluj! They use wood to heat the oven. Because of that the pizza has a specific taste (it’s very yummy).

Their prices are very reasonable and the pizza is huge & delicious. They also have burgers, chips, pastas, bbq and soups (check their menu here) and they are all very tasty! I don’t know how they do it, but all their food is delicious.


If you’re going to attend this year’s edition of UNTOLD festival, then you’ll have no excuse to go and eat the best pizza in Cluj at TOHA. The restaurant is now opened for public as well, but you can also order take out and they have delivery as well.

toha-8 toha-5

I strongly recommend you theΒ quattro formaggi and prosciutto e funghi pizza.

If you want to try out the best pizza in Cluj, then pay them a visit! I strongly recommend you theΒ quattro formaggi and prosciutto e funghi pizzas – my favourites and also don’t miss the burgers – if you’re addicted to cheese, (like I am) you will love the cheeseburger.

Until you’ll visit them, here are some photos for your delight.

toha-1-3 toha-1-4

best burgers in Cluj best burgers in Cluj

toha-7 toha-2 toha-3 toha-4Let me know if you passed by and enjoyed their amazing pizza!

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