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best things to do in ireland

Best Things to do in Ireland for Unforgettable Vacation

If you are looking for a place to spend an unforgettable vacation, search no more – Ireland is all you ever wanted! All the picturesque green sights, friendly locals, great food and drinks to indulge in will make your vacation the best so far. Pack your suitcases, book a flight and be ready to explore some of the best natural wonders in the world. Here are the best things to do in Ireland!

best things to do in ireland

Visit the magnificent Kylemore Abbey, Connemara

Those of you who are interested in exploring some romantic places and enjoying an intimate atmosphere, should definitely check out Kylemore Abbey in Connemara. It is ideal for spending a day off. You can reach it in an hour if you are driving from Galway City. Lovers of architecture will find the gothic castle interesting. There are Benedictine nuns who are willing to take visitors on a tour of the Abbey and tell them all about the history of the place. The gardens nearby are perfect for unwinding from the everyday stress. You are bound to get in a peaceful state of mind once you start wandering around the flowery fields.

best things to do in ireland

Go for a ride at Causeway Coastal Route

What you absolutely need to do once you are in Ireland is embark on its extraordinary Causeway Coastal Route which connects the cities of Belfast and Londonderry. The 120-mile-long route offers versatile landscapes to be explored. Begin your adventure in Belfast and see a lot of castles unravel in front of you. Have a picnic by the coast and enjoy picturesque sights. All the greenery will make you feel so relaxed that you will be peaceful like never before.

best things to do in ireland

Take a deep breath at the Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher is the place in Ireland which is the most visited by tourists due to its splendid nature. 702 feet high and stretching over 5 miles along the coast of the Atlantic, they are the best place to go if you want to have the best view there is in Ireland. You will get the unique opportunity to breathe in the clear air and see no trace of pollution. The cliffs are famous for appearing in numerous movies such as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Be sure to stand at O’Brien’s Tower and see the Atlantic everywhere you look.

best things to do in ireland

Dublin is the place to see

Visiting Ireland without visiting Dublin is like not seeing Ireland at all. The place is brimming with cultural and historic sights you have to explore. However, in order to see at least a bit of what Dublin has to offer, you will need to spend a couple of days out there. Think about clever ways how to find an accommodation. You can always share accommodation, and get to spend time with some new people. The whole experience of discovering Dublin will be better as you will have someone to do it with you.

See the lively atmosphere at Grafton Street. Numerous buskers spread their positive vibes and you can easily dance to their nice tunes. There are a lot of flower sellers so everything is vibrant and cheerful.

Dublin Castle is perfect for getting to know more about the Irish history. It was built in 1230 and ever since it has been an important place for the government. You can access the library where the finest pieces of art of Ireland are kept. Chester Beatty Library contains masterpieces of James Joyce you need to see. If you get tired of exploring it, you can just enjoy your stay at the Dubh Linn Gardens.

best things to do in ireland

Hit the pubs and see why the Irish are known as party people. Locals are super friendly and you are likely to bond with a lot of them over a drink or two. Kehoe’s is the place to hit if you want to taste the best Guinness. Wait no more, grab a pint!

St Patrick’s cathedral is a must-see. The gothic architecture is marvellous and once you enter it you will see the extraordinary windows and sculptures.

best things to do in ireland

Do not miss Belfast

Everyone visiting Ireland should spend at least a day in Belfast. You can have an active vacation if you opt for walking along Cavehill. There will be some climbing so be sure to have your climbing shoes ready while you explore the Irish hinterland. Grand Opera House is excellent for art connoisseurs. Do not miss the Titanic museum with its iconic structure and the largest Titanic exhibition.

best things to do in ireland

Go on a ride along the Ring of Kerry

Having an active holiday in Ireland means going on a cycling route along the Ring of Kerry. You can go by car, hike or cycle along the scenic coastal landscape. Bring your camera and capture the unsurpassed beauty of Ireland. There will be a lot of rural villages to explore and meet the locals at and rocky islands to check out.

best things to do in ireland

Go shopping in Galway

Artsy people and shopaholics love the Shop Street in Galway. You can find everything you like out there. From the street artists selling their masterpieces to high street and designer brands. If you are interested in souvenirs, you have to check this street out because there are a lot of gift shops.

Ireland is the perfect country to spend an unforgettable vacation. Its rocky cliffs, green landscapes, friendly locals and wonderful Gothic architecture will leave you utterly amazed!

This blog post was written by the amazing Nicole. Nicole is an avid traveler passionate about yoga and healthy living. She always seeks new adventures and enjoys sharing her experiences with others. You can find her on Twitter and FB. Also let me know if you enjoyed Nicole’s best things to do in Ireland and maybe she will bring some hot stuff for you back here!

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