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Blog Upgrade | Exciting New Beginnings

Aaand, I’m back with a brand new look, updates and so on. Welcome to my blog upgrade post! I usually don’t like to talk/write about this kind of stuff, but this blog upgrade is quite huge and I’ve been dreaming about it for a very long time.

I’ve made my first blog in 2009, as far as I can remember and I deleted it after a few months. One year and a half later, I started *janded, which was a completely random corner of the internet. I was not able to find a niche, because I love writing and spreading the word about a lot of things. I’ve abandoned this blog so, so many times. Until this year when I got my shit together and I took my little corner of the internet more seriously. I’ve started reading lots of articles, and being a marketing enthusiastic and specialist at the same time, it made my work easier.

So without no further ado, let’s see what’s new around here!

Blog Upgrade #1: New theme!

If you’ve visited my little corner of randomness, you have probably noticed that it has a new theme. The theme is called Rose and is a premium theme. Yes! After so many years spend around the blogosphere  I got the balls to invest in a premium wordpress theme. And I absolutely adore it. It is nice and clean and I hope it you’ll make your experience around here more pleasant.

Blog Upgrade #2: We have a newsletter!

Yay! You can subscribe now to get updates of the latest blog posts around here.

Blog Upgrade #3: E-mail address

We can also get in touch via e-mail now, because I finally managed to create an e-mail account for the contact section. We can chat through hello@janded.eu now as well, not just the contact form.

I’ve also been updating some small things like the instagram in the footer and so on. Small changes that you probably don’t notice, but since I’m a perfectionist, I had to make them.

There are still some things to work around, but for now I am in love with my blog upgrade and I am proud and happy I decided to make it!

There are lots of articles, collabs (yay!) pictures,  newsletters on their way, so make sure you stick around for some randomly creativeness & inspiration.

Also lots of thanks to the two amazing people who helped me personalize the theme and created a new logo suited to the new, simple yet elegant blog theme.

Let me know what you think about this blog upgrade and maybe share with me your blog upgrade story a well.

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  • Marsha

    Good for you! That’s a big step. I know the value of email list and regularly connecting with your readers. I started my blog on a free version and wish I would have started on a hosted site. I did the switch back in the spring. I’m still working through kinks but it’s better in the long run.

    • I still have lot’s of things to do on the technical side myself; like optimizing images, eliminating errors on the blog and so on.
      Good luck making your blog amazing!

  • This is great!! I plan to do upgrades soon myself but I have been procrastinating. Seeing your new look makes me want to do it soon because I think It’ll look so much better. Loving this theme btw :)

    • Thank you! Glad you found some inspiration to take your blog to the next level! Let me know how it turned out.

  • Nice! Your theme is super cute!!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Such a beautiful theme! I love that your content takes centerstage and the theme supports it. Congrats on creating a newsletter! I have not done that myself yet but it’s the goal I’m working towards. Everything looks great!

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! Glad you stopped by.

  • It’s a really nice, clean and simple look to the blog. I like it. Well do for setting up your email list. It took me ages to set anything up but I’m so pleased now I did. These are the people who really, really like what you;re doing.

    • Thank you, Wendy! I really hope I’ll mamage to grow my mailing list.

  • Congrats on all the upgrades! Looking good! It was hard for me to convince myself to invest but I do think it’s so worth it :)

    • Trust me, it is! It’s hard to convince yourself to do it, but afterwards is so much worth it.

  • Euge Etcheverry

    Congratulations on your upgrades! I should upgrade my blog soon haha
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  • Sheila Jo Spencer

    Nice layout for the blog. I like the font for the headings – very easy to read!

  • Kristie Hillway

    This is exciting! Blog upgrades are so much fun and make you feel so much more refresh and motivated!

    • True! I’m very motivated to put more effort into making this corner more and more useful and appealing for you.

  • Adriana

    LOVE your new look! It looks great! I’m in the midst of a new design, and it’s such an exciting process!

    • I know, right?!
      Thank you, so happy you like it!

  • So exciting! I love your theme!

  • I love the layout! So many other exciting new changes.

  • This is so exciting! I love blog upgrades. I’m always making small changes here and there on my own! :)

  • Rachel Golden

    This is so exciting! I love the theme of your blog. I have a simple theme for mine, but I’ve been wanting to invest in a premium one to make it look a bit more clean cut. Yours looks amazing. I can’t wait to see what else you accomplish :)

    • Thank you so much for you kind words, Rachel! Let me know how your blog upgrade is going.

  • Congratulations on your upgrade! It is a very clean design, I love it!

  • So many exciting updates! Your blog is gorgeous!

    • Thank you so much, Cassandra!

  • How awesome! New themes are always so exciting! I’m hoping to start a newsletter too!

  • I love your theme! It looks great. :) It sounds like you made a lot of great changes to your site.

  • Ashley LaMar

    Congrats!!! I’m so happy for you!

  • I love your new layout, fantastic job on all of your upgrades! x


    • Thank you, Rebecca! So happy you like it & thanks for stopping by and check my blog upgrade!