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blogging resolution

Resolutions for 2015 – blogging resolution

For 2015, I decided that my resolution will be…. the blogging resolution! Amen to that!

You know that every single year, we promise to ourselves we will set and successfully achieve our resolutions for the next year. Here are some examplesΒ of resolutions:

  • I won’t get fat anymore;
  • I will read more;
  • I will be smarter;
  • I will be more beautiful.

… and so on. But the truth is that it won’t last. Or it will until the holiday is over. We like to believe that a new year is a fresh start and we can transform ourselves into a different person.

According toΒ lifehack.org, we need up to 30 days of daily practice to stick a habit to our behaviour. It depends on each person the period of time, of course.Β 


my blogging resolution table


When I attended Portia de Coaching in December, I said that one of my biggest goals for 2015 is to take care more of my blog. So I decided to challenge myself to blog every single day of this month. It will be a real challenge to create qualitative content, considering the AIESEC activities and exams that will be during January.Β 

I have created this cute and colourful tracking – table to help achieve my goal but also to make me smile.

Let’s get the blogging started!