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Cliches About Jobs You Shouldn’t Believe | Career Advice

Getting your first “real job” is a huge milestone in every one of us lives. We are taught that we have to study hard, so we can get a good job and live a good life. But what a good job and life mean is debatable.

We hear everyone (or almost everyone) complaining about their jobs; how unsatisfying it is, how the environment is horrible and so on. And because is in our nature to complain a lot, we think that we have to adopt this negative attitude about our job because everyone else does and if we don’t complain to prove that our situation is even worst, then we won’t “fit”. It’s a competition. If someone complains about something, you have to complain back and show that your problem is bigger. It’s just courtesy nowadays.

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I am inclined to believe that we “inherit” this negative attitude towards jobs from our parents. I usually hear older generations complaining about their jobs. I heard my parents complaining about their jobs when I was a kid so I thought this is how it is supposed to be.

If you’re trying to get into the labour market as a freshly graduated individual, please don’t let yourself influences by these so common cliches about jobs.

1. Your job will suck and you have to hate it

This is the most common complain I usually hear. “I hate my job, but one has to eat.”

I guess people don’t know exactly the difference between hating and disliking. Hating your job will – eventually – leave you totally empty. You will most probably get depressed and your productivity will inevitably decrease. But we feel that we should say loud and clear how much we hate our job so we can avoid the “What’s wrong with you?!” look from people when you tell them that you actually like your job.

If you are just starting, you can accept a couple of jobs that aren’t as great, so you can have a starting point. But that doesn’t mean you will always hate your job.

Another detail that I was facing as a teenager is the lack of career counselling. I let myself influences a lot by my parents when it came to choosing a career path. Luckily, I figured it out when it wasn’t too late. Honestly, I think there is never too late to take a career shift if you feel so.

2. Bosses are meant to be assholes

Similar to the one above, you have to hate your boss. If you don’t hate him, then… what’s wrong with you?!

People are different. Some people are naturals when it comes to leading people, while others… well, let’s say that they are not good at leading people.

I’ve had horrible bosses and amazing bosses. Both types definitely exist. Don’t start with the misconception that your boss will be a total ass hole and will make your life a living hell. He or she might be a horrible, ok or great leader. Wait and see.

3. You’ll turn into a slave

As a millennial, I find the 9-to-5 system uncomfortable and very outdated. I don’t like that I spend almost the entire day when I can finish my things in less than 8 hours. We’re not working only in factories anymore; jobs have changed a lot in the last 20-30 years.

I managed to find some good things about the 9-to-5 working schedule though:

  • the routine – although the brain hates it, the body loves it. I get to have regular meals, fall asleep at pretty much the same hour and so on;
  • the team members – if you are lucky enough to be part of a really cool team with amazing people, it will be nice to spend time surrounded by fun and intelligent people;
  • learning opportunities – being surrounded by other people gives you the amazing opportunity to learn new things from them; it’s a really good way to build your knowledge;

4. It is boring

Some days will be better than the others. Some will be long and boring, some will be crazy and some will be just regular working days.

What would truly be boring, it would be if all days will be exactly the same, don’t you think?

5. Everyone around you is crazy or stupid

A lot of people are complaining about their co-workers; that they are crazy, stupid or lazy.

There is some truth into this though. Each team has a team member that is maybe a little bit odd or that doesn’t fit too well with the group. We are all different and it’s totally normal to not like everyone. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is idiots.

It’s impossible to have everyone against you or to have everyone not liking you.

Don’t let these old-fashioned cliches about labour market let you down in your way to your dream career. They do hold some truth, but in the end is up to you which side of the coin you pick.

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  • I worked at a BMW dealership and I strongly disliked it. My boss was super nice which was kind of the problem because all of the employees who wanted to be trouble makers got away with everything. Now I’m juggling 2 jobs and starting my own business in January, I like my bosses a lot.

    • Wow, working 2 jobs AND starting your own business?! That’s amazing, congratulations!

  • Brit Haines

    Awesome points! I also find the 9-to-5 system to be outdated and soon completely outdated. Life doesn’t have to be all about working jobs we hate.

  • Amanda Schreiber

    Oh, the one upping on who hates their job more/who has worse coworkers! I hate that. I’ve stopped hanging out with people because they’d spend the whole dinner playing the “who has is worse” game rather than talking about the great parts of life!

  • Anna Hubbard

    These are all great cliches to debunk! I actually do like the 9-5 system for all the reasons you listed, but I do admit that the work day could probably be shortened to 10-4 most days.

  • Tami

    This is such a great post. :) These things were often true for me with the different jobs I had (especially having asshole bosses, haha) but they definitely don’t have to be! Life is too short to be spending so much time at a job you hate!

  • I agree with so many of these points! I do the the “9-5” probably has more to do with the 40hr work week expected pay to make a “living”. Even if you aren’t productive at work at that moment, they’re paying you for your time. Then again, I’m a stay at home mom haha.

    • Oh, yeah… That’s another huge drawback of the 9-to-5 system. Some people might have a very different workloads and they will be paid equally.

  • Mia Lupo

    Every job has its flaws—it’s work, after all! Awful jobs, bad bosses and crazy co-workers do exist, but the important thing is to be open and willing to change the dynamic by always staying positive and professional as possible. If that doesn’t work, then start job searching—plenty of more opportunities to invest your energy in!

  • Kristen Jones

    Love this post, Cristina! Even dream jobs have their ups and downs, but it’s all in what you make it. I’ve definitely had horrible bosses and I’ve had a few okay ones… I guess that’s why I decided it was best I worked for myself. Even though I’m my own boss, I still like to keep myself on a 9-5ish schedule…when I can. Routine definitely helps keep me sane!

  • Lo Renee

    Love this post! Work isn’t always fun, and I found myself wishing my job was the same everyday but eventually that does get boring. I like when things are different everyday at work. I have established a routine tho, and it usually makes the work day go by faster!

  • Elegant Duchess

    Haha love your post. It’s totaly true however I actually enjoyed my first jobs. it was all about learning and networking. It feels like that dislike for work has been increasing with all the years of work. I would like to have a job just 9-5. Nowadays in London is more likely to be on average 8-6.
    Thanks for sharing xx

  • Yolanda

    I feel like these are the words of so many old co-workers of mine! There can be crazy/stupid people – whole bosses are certainly out there too – but luckily in life (and work) most people are good and just want to do a good job!) I agree with your thoughts so much – if you think negative, then that’s what you’ll get.

    • I also get the feeling that older people tend to have this negative mentality more. Probably because they’ve spent already almost their entire life working.

  • Thena Reading-Franssen

    Really good read. Not all jobs have to suck, and not all jobs are forever. Live, learn and then move on!