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women's day

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Is Still a Struggle To Be a Woman Nowadays?

I remember when I was a kid and the 8th of March was coming: flowers and tiny gifts everywhere. Here we grow up with the concept of also celebrating Mother’s Day on the 8th of March. So probably for most Eastern Europeans, the 8th of March symbolises Mother’s Day more than Women’s Day.

women's day

Anyway, being a girl and growing up I had to face a lot of stupid cliches about women like:

  • your place should be in the kitchen – go and make me a sandwich;
  • women are not able to protect yourselves, you need a macho man for this;
  • you’re a woman who doesn’t know how to cook or sew?! What kind of woman are you?
  • assuming that if your Mum is a self-made doctor, engineering and chef, this is how every girl should be. Your Mum is multi-skilled because she had you and she learnt all those things to make it easier and to keep you safe;
  • you’re not good at video games;
  • girls can’t code;
  • you’re emotionally unstable because hormones go crazy in your body once per month;

… and the list could be infinite.

I should begin by expressing my gratitude for my parents who never limited me in any way just because “you are a girl”. They were “warning” me that something might be more appropriate for boys, but never forbidden me to do it. And to be honest, I always had a tomboy part inside of me.

The ugly truth is that is still a struggle to be a woman. And I think it will be for a long time. Women are still paid less than men (in some cases), they give birth, they bleed every month and in some countries, they have no rights.

payment gender gap in eu

Source: Eurostat

On the opposite side, there are the career gals, who are successful, admirable women who make it happen. But isn’t it too much? I mean, with all the pressure the society puts upon our shoulders (men included)? You must have a successful career, have a house, a car, graduate with honorous, have kids, be a role model for them and for the society and so on. Because if you don’t follow the rules and if you don’t “fit” you will be judged and criticised. No one likes this, so we struggle to do our best and “fit”.

Last, but not least, let’s not forget about men. I’ve seen a lot of amazing guys supporting their wives or girlfriends achieving their goals and following their dreams. Because of this kind of guys, you make us be amazing.

Let’s talk about equality

I think equality is misunderstood nowadays by most “feminists”.

Equality does not mean to do only the things you like from that deal.

I will never ask for a man to give birth or breastfeed, since it’s not possible – yet, at least. But I could definitely ask him to change the nappies and put the baby to sleep. If he carries all the groceries bags, I can carry a few myself, even though I’m not as strong. If a man can – or is supposed to know how to – fix things around the house, being a woman won’t stop me from learning how to fix things too.

You get the idea.

So next time when you ask for equality, think about what it actually means to be equal to someone.

All in all being a woman is amazing and it will always have its struggles. I guess guys have their own struggles too, in a way.

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