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Christmas Gift Ideas for Him & Her

weheartit.com / edit: janded.eu

weheartit.com / edit: janded.eu

Searching for Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones can be a pain in the ass – sometimes. You can of course go the easy way and ask them what they wish for Christmas, and if your are luck enough, they will tell you; but I believe that this is a terrible way to find Christmas gifts ideas, because it spoils all the Christmas magic.



Let’s start by talking about stalking. Stalking your friends to find out what they want for Christmas can be helpful. Things like “I like this!”, “This is nice!”, “I need this!“, “I always wanted one for my own.” and so on, is the trigger for your Christmas gift ideas. If they wish a new car or other impossible things, cut them from your list. You can make a list on your phone where you can save the Christmas gift ideas that your friends gave you by saying that they’d wish to have something. Everything must be subtle. Stalking must be subtle. Just to play safe, you can start stalking from October, just to be sure that you will get as much ideas as possible.

“Stalk” your friends on social media to see what they like or share – they might want it for Christmas.

The odds to end up buying a Christmas gift for someone that you don’t know that well or an acquaintance are very unlikely. We buy Christmas presents to those we love and are grateful that are around us.

Christmas gift ideas / weheartit.com

Christmas gift ideas / weheartit.com

But if you do end up in this kind of situation – for your boss, or something like this – you can  go the easy way and choose a general gift, that won’t fail you.

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There are lots of things that can work as great Christmas Gift Ideas. Don’t forget that Christmas is the only change we have, throughout a year, to spoil ourselves with things that we want and not feel guilty about it.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him & Her

  • gadgets (a new phone, an iPad, PlayStation, Home Cinema System, and so on);
  • jewelry (mostly for her, but who knows…);
  • perfume;
  • video games (for him, but again, you never know);
  • things that will make your life easier (maybe one of these Roomba Vacuum Cleaner that I find very funny – and useful of course, fancy tools etc);
  • clothes (if you know for sure that it’s the one);
  • pyjamas (why not? they’re perfect for Christmas morning);
  • DIY stuff will never fail: hot cocoa mix, old Christmas photos designed as a painting, handmade stocking, gloves, handmade planner/diary etc;
  • boardgames – for quality time together;
  • booze – New Year is around the corner;
  • vacation coupons or a city break (if you can afford it);
  • spa/massage session;

I am sure that you will find inspiration from this list and if you need inspiration for Christmas decorations, gift wrapping, Christmas cookies and so on, check out the Christmas Happiness board on Pinterest.

Follow Janded’s board Christmas Stuff & Happiness on Pinterest.

Please let me know how do you find inspiration for Christmas gift ideas and how do you stalk your family & friends to find out what they wish for Christmas.

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