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Christmas Street Food Festival

I am a huge winter holidays fan and there are a few things that I love the same as Christmas: food. So imagine the excitement when I heard that there was a Christmas street food festival in town! Of course I couldn’t resit to not pay them a visit and enjoy some delicious food. And since I know there are a lot of foodies like me out there, I decided to take you along with me.

Ladies and gents, welcome to the Street Food Festival – the Christmas edition!


christmas street food festival winter

I skipped the summer edition and since I was still in town, I could not miss the winter edition.

The atmosphere is very addictive: cozy (although it’s freezing outside), with Christmas lights everywhere, mulled wine and a lot of amazing food. From very traditional ones, like smoked sausages, to international food like burgers or quesadillas.

street-food-festival-burgers street-food-festival-sausage street-food-festival-kalacs street-food-festival-homemadechocolate

I don’t know if you grew up with homemade sweets, but I did and are the most amazing sweets I ever had!

The cozy eating area is not so crowded at lunch time, which is amazing. During evening although it’s madness. But the live band singing during the evenings makes all better. Not to mention the fairy lights. :)

christmas-street-food-festival christmas street food festival cluj

And look at this cool American school bus turned into a mobile burgers shop!

christmas street food festival street-food-festival-bus

I have to admit that I am obsessed with this bus! I think it was the best part of the whole festival. Also I’m wondering from where did they get this, since we’re in Eastern side of Europe. We certainly don’t have this kind of school buses around here.

christmas street food festival tree

Creative way to have a Christmas tree without chopping one!

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me at this Christmas street food festival! Do you have this kind of festivals in your city?

I wish you all an amazing Christmas, full of joy and happiness! I think I will come back with a more random blog post full or Christmasy pictures in a couple of days. Would you enjoy that? Let me know in the comments down below!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  • Ali Mageehon

    That looks like so much fun! I went to a Christmas festival right after Christmas in Amsterdam many years ago and loved it – wish we had more of this vibe going on in the US. I live in Vancouver, WA right now and am really sad that the town just doesn’t seem very festive this time of year, as I love the lights and decorations and food of the holidays!

    • So sorry your city is not so festive. At least you can decorate your home as you wish. ?

  • Wow, this looks like so much fun! I went to college in Bethlehem, PA, and they did lots of Christmas stuff there given their namesake. Very beautiful that time of year!

  • This looks like so much fun! I love street fairs!

  • This looks awesome! I love Christmas markets + foods!

  • Sharon Glascoe

    Aw I love Christmas markets!! We have a small version here in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s so magical!

  • Candy Kage

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. The street food fair looks like a great place to stroll around in. Taking your time to sample some great food and just enjoy the day.

    • Thank you for the warm wishes, Candy! Merry Christmas to you too!

  • Cassie

    Christmas markets are great! I just posted about my adventure, too!
    I wish it wasn’t super busy, though, I didn’t get to try half of the things I wanted to!

    • Yeah, I know the struggle. But if you go in the middle of the day, when everyone is at work, it might not be that crowded.

  • Patricia Conte

    This looks like a really festive time! I love that Christmas tree, and all those lovely desserts! Merry Christmas to you!

  • That looks like SO much fun! I love all the different foods they had there… And did you eat any of the bread on a stick (can’t remember the name)? When I went to Romania this summer, that was my favorite thing we had! SO GOOD. Merry Christmas, Cristina!

    • Bread on a stick? You mean kurtos kalacs? They are actually hungarian. It is not such a big treat because we always have them around.
      Merry Christmas to you too, Rebecca!