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Cool marketing app: Primer – marketing for stratups

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t… but I am really passionate about marketing & creativity. And Google. Also food.

primer-marketing-app-logoA few days ago I was scrolling around on App Store and while I was checking Google’s apps section, I found Primer. It was labeled in the Education category and it was free. Also its entire name is: Primer – Marketing Lessons for startups. So I think I’ve just said everything.

Primer is a pilot project initiated by Google.

Its main purpose is to help young entrepreneurs who own startups, better understand the meaning of marketing for their business, through easy & quick interactive lessons.

The app’s strong points are:

  • the design (flat & clean);
  • quick & easy to understand 5 minute lessons (the app has 3 modules: Content Marketing, PR & Media, Search Advertising; each module has 4 lessons by now);
  • real-life examples (you have Esther and her fresh business called CardioCooks and they explain you what Esther should do to promote her business more efficiently and they also give you examples from other real brands);
  • quick quiz & recap (at the end of each lesson you can ask them to send you an e-mail with all the information delivered);
  • it’s free for iOS & Android.
Capture of Primer iOS app

Capture of Primer iOS app

Primer is a brilliant way to learn how to promote your new business online. The content is very well structured and it can help you a lot. The only bad thing that I have to say about Primer is that I haven’t seen any recent updates about it; their social media profiles haven’t been updated since January/February, which makes me wonder if someone is still working on Google’s pilot marketing app.

I just want to know if there are going to be any updates, such us new lessons or modules. It would be a shame if they have cancelled or abandoned it, since it’s a nice, quick and easy learning tool.

Tell me what do you think about Primer – the marketing app for stratups, if you decide to give it a try.

App Store download link [here] / Play Store download link [here]

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