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culture shock from spain

Culture shock from Spain is not that shocking

ScreenShot2012-12-20at15533AMEven though I’m here for one week and I still have another one available for visiting and get shocked, I can’t say that I met a massive cultural shock though Spanish culture. Maybe because their lifestyle is pretty similar to ours, or because I feel too safe knowing that I have relatives here. Even so, there are some interesting facts about this country. Here we go:

  • there are lots of foreign people, but I can easily say which one is a native, because all of them look like my friend Jose; and he’s Mexican.
  • they count ground floor as the first floor; so if in Romania a building has 10 floors, in Spain it most probably will have 9. :)
  • I was afraid that they don’t speak English. They don’t. They understand it although and they answer you in Spanish. Or they nod.
  • If you tell them that you understand Spanish, they panic. I don’t know why.
  • I’m still not sure if I’ve landed in Madrid or London. It has been fucking cold and rainy ever since I got here. I knew that Spain is becoming a desert somewhere in the far, far away future, not a lagoon.
  • they have mexican food with different names.
  • for one of the most civilized countries from Europe, they have lousy internet connection.

And yes, I have a cute new header on the blog. You’ll find out pretty soon what it represents. :D

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