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decorate eggs for easter

5 Unique and Easy Ways to Decorate Eggs This Easter

Easter is right around the corner (this weekend, or the next, respectively) and even though the weather does say more “it’s Christmas time!” rather than Easter it’s time to decorate some eggs.

For me, painting eggs for Easter is special. When I was a kid, I used to “help” my Mum paint and decorate them. I still am, since I haven’t missed any Easter at home. So far, I was lucky enough to be home with my loved ones during important holidays.

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We are used to having red eggs for Easter, but things got crazy quite fast with shiny, glittery, glowing-in-the-dark eggs.

5 Unique and Easy Ways to Decorate Eggs This Easter

decorating easter eggs tools

I have to admit, this was quite an experiment.

While some eggs turned out really amazing, some I don’t find really mesmerizing, but let’s say I’m too picky. This was also a good opportunity for me to try some DIYs I wanted to test for a while.

What you will need:

  • eggs
  • a few tablespoons of vinegar mixed with water
  • paint pen
  • feathers
  • shaving cream
  • food colouring
  • markers (red/orange and black)
  • PVA glue or any other glue that dries clear
  • optional: acrylic paint
  • aluminium foil

I wanted this to be more about decorating, not about painting, so I didn’t paint any of the eggs.

Before you start

Before we start, hard boil the eggs and let them cool down.

To get rid of any oils that can be on the egg’s shell, wipe them with a soft cloth dipped in water and vinegar. The vinegar will remove any oils and will help the decorations stick better.

Make sure everything you use is non-toxic! From glue to acrylic paint, make sure everything you use is not toxic.

Let’s start the madness, shall we?

1. The elegant feather

For this, you need just some PVA glue and some fancy feathers. I found some really pretty, dotted ones at the craft store.

If you have chickens you might ask them if they let you borrow a few feathers from them.

I cut the part that I liked the most and glued it to two sides of the eggs.

I love how simple and elegant it turned out!

2. The shiny star

You need just a paint pen for this. I have a silver one it the result turned truly stunning in combination with the beige shell of the egg.

drawing on easter eggs

I went for some geometric pattern, but you can draw dots, lines or cute things like rabbits.

geometric pattern painted egg

3. The Trump chick

I call this “the Trump chick” because this egg turned out looking very funny. It had a light spot on it, so I decided to draw the chick’s face on it.

For this egg, you need some yellow, fluffy feathers, glue and red and black markers.

Glue the feathers on top of the egg for the “hair” and draw two adorable black eyes and a tiny peak.

You can also paint it yellow, but I wanted to make it as easy as possible so I skipped it.

chick egg decoration

Doesn’t it look funny (and a little scarry)?

4. The shaving cream egg

This is something I wanted to try for SOOO long! There are so many videos on social media showing people painting marble eggs using shaving cream and food colouring.

Sooo satisfying!

You basically add shaving cream (about one inch) in a  tray, drop some food colouring and swirl it around until you get a marble pattern.

Dip the egg in the shaving cream and make sure you cover it. Let it sit for about 20 minutes then take it out and clean it.

how to make marble eggs

I have to say… I had higher expectations for this. But I can’t say it’s not working! The pattern is clearly visible and marble-ish.

I would recommend using white shell eggs for this. The colours will be probably more prominent.

marble easter egg

5. The disco egg

This can turn out quite annoying, honestly. You have to cut tiny pieces of aluminium foil. Which in my case… took a while. Also, I was never good at cropping – quite an essential skill for someone who’s into crafting, some would say.

Add a thin layer of glue on one side of the egg and dip it in the aluminium confetti. The good part about this is that you can use your fingers to stick the confetti, which is quite satisfying.

egg decorated with aluminium confetti

You can cover the egg completely, but I was kind of lazy – didn’t want to crop more aluminium confetti.

I always thought if I would try to decorate eggs all by myself it would be a total failure. But, to be honest, these turned out quite unique (especially the Trump chick) and the effort was minimal.

unconventional easter eggs

Which egg would you give a try? Do you decorate eggs or paint them for Easter? 

Wishing you all an eggcellent Easter!


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