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Blog Post Planner Notepad - Feature

DIY Blog Post Planner Notepad

I dunno about you, but when it comes to blogging I need lots of stuff to keep me pumped up; and stuff like cute notepads, notebooks and so on help me a lot. I am really, really obsessed with stationary and when I saw one of Zoe‘s post on instagram with a blog post planner notepad I knew I had to have one and since spending money on things that I can do myself – on a budget – is my thing, I created one and decided to share it with you. :)

Blog Post Planner Notepad - Feature

Blog Post Planner Notepad / janded.eu

This DIY project is very easy and you don’t need lots of fancy stuff to put it together. Probably the hardest part was to create the template – which btw you can download it for free.

Here’s what you will need:

  • A5 (148 X 210 mm) cardboard – mine is quite  thick, but you can choose whatever cardboard you want, just make sure it’s firm enough so you can write easily on it – similar here;
  • a ruller;
  • a pencil;
  • carfting glue / PVA glue – you want it to dry clear, or at least white;
  • a brush;
  • sharp cutter;
  • some paper clips (not pictured);
  • 15 sheets printed with the blog post planner templateor how many sheets you want. Keep in mind that we will cut the sheets, so it will double – it means I ended up with 30 sheets of paper.


I made the template with 2 blog post planner templates on an A4 sheet of paper and I cut it in A5 size to fit. Depending on your printer settings, you might end up with uneven bottom edges when you cut the sheets, but you can stack them in two different piles according to the bottom edge.

After that, stack together the freshly cut templates and the cardboard and clip them together in place with some paper clips close to the top edge. The cardboard has to be at the back of the paper stack.

After you secured the papers and the cardboard apply a thin coat of crafting glue with the brush and allow it to dry. After the glue is dried, apply a couple of thick glue coats and let it dry completely (recommended over night).


If you think that paper clips don’t hold the papers too tight, put something heavy on top of your soon – to – be notepad, like a thick book; also put some scratch paper over and under your notepad before putting the book on top – you don’t want to end up with glue on your book.

blog post plannerblog post planner

And there you have it, your own blog post planner notepad, quick, easy and very, very cheap! Each sheet of paper allows you to write & track up to eight blog post ideas. Of course that you can peel off the sheets after they are full, because of the grafting glue.

blogpost-planner-17 blogpost-planner-7 blogpost-planner-11

I LOVE how this blog post planner notepad turned out! I use it to track my blog post & their status, I always have it on my desk and I find it very useful.

Don’t forget do download your free template and let me know how your blog post planner notepad turned out on social media with #jandedhandmade!

Happy crafting!

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  • Rachel Ritlop

    This is such a great idea! Right now I have everything on a white board, and have to keep track of the little details in my head!

    • Gald you like it, Rachel! Hope you’ll make one for yourself.

  • Sheila Jo Spencer

    Love this idea! I am a sucker for custom notebooks, etc. Did you glue only the tops of the pages together (like a post-it) or did you apply glue on the sides as well to make the pages stick better?

    • I applied PVA glue on the top edge of the pages, not on top (and inside) of them. I’m not sure how you can create DIY posts-its.
      The glue is on top edge to keep the pages together and to stick them to the cardboard and to be able to take them off easily.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Such a good idea! Love this!

  • Danielle Jacek

    I am so glad I found you blog! I share your love for stationary! And pretty things. I also had no clue making a note pad was so easy! Thanks for sharing your creation!

    • Nice to have you around, Danielle!
      Let me know how you notepad turned out, if you decide to give it a try!

  • I love this idea! I seriously need some organization tools to keep me on track and I like that I can make a template that works for me!

  • So cute! This is so creative. I keep a mental list of what’s going on with my blog posts but I probably should be writing them down like you!

    • I like to write them down to declutter my mind. It’s a great way to take your blog posts progress out of your mind, but still keeping tracking on them.

  • That is so impressive! I would never have thought of adding glue to the top to get the pages to stick together like a notepad. I will have to try this out :)

    • Haha, it is super easy! Let me know how it turned out, Megan.