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Personalized Handmade DIY Coasters


I got really obsessed with DIY coasters lately and I searched for different ways to make my own. I found some nice, funny, cheap and easy ways to create your own coasters and I’m going to show you one of the methods. For those who do not know what a coaster is, it’s that little piece of nice and shiny square-ish cardboard (usually) that waiters give you to put your drink on.

So let’s get started and let’s see what you will need:

what you will need to create DIY coasters

what you will need to create DIY coasters

What you will need:

6 8 x 8 cm cardboard squares;

6 8 x 8 cm foam paper squares;

6 8 x 8 cm thin cardboard squares;

crafting glue;

top varnish (mine is matte);


corner punch – for round corners;

markers – optional;

I skipped the part where I had cut the squares. Out of a A4 size cardboard & foam paper you can create 6 coasters of 9.8 x 9.8 cm. I’ve made these 8 x 8 cm, because I have previously made some green ones (that you have seen in many of my instagram posts) 10 x 10 cm and I thought they turned out a little too big.

Anyway, here are some tips for the cutting part:

Tip #1: If you don’t have pre cut cardboard, you’ll have to cut them on the desired dimensions. I had an A4 (21 cm X 29,7 cm) cardboard and I cut it myself. It can be quite annoying and difficult, so use a sharp cutter and be careful not to cut yourself.

Tip #2: Even with the sharp cutter you might end up with not so smooth edges. To smooth them out, use a nail file and use it only in one direction to prevent any damage on the cardboard. Don’t worry if it’s not as smooth as you want after the filing, it will smooth nice after the top coat dries.

1. Start by punching the corners of your top cardboard (the one that is thinner) with the corner punch. I am obsessed with round corners right now, and I have to admit that there is a little more work to do to get round corner coaster, so you can skip this part if you want.

2. After you made the corners round, you have to make the other two layers (cardboard & foam paper) with round corners as well. Use the top cardboard as a template to trace the corners on the remaining layers.

Important! Set aside the layers on the exact order as you measured and cut them. You will be surprised to realize that even if you measured carefully, if you mix the layers, they might not fit. So keep them together in the exact order.

3. Add glue on one side of the cardboard (which is the middle layer) and spread the glue all over the surface with the brush. Repeat the process for the top cardboard. Apply some pressure to help them stick faster.

4. Here comes the fun part! You can let them simple and plane as they are right now, but I wanted to add some personalized messages on them. You can choose to print them or hand write them. I know that my hand writing is not fabulous so I sketched some ideas and after that I transferred them on the coasters.

5. Now it’s time to add the top coat. I got a matte varnish, but you can choose whatever you like. Because I’ve used markers to write down my messages it smudged a little. To prevent that as much as possible, add a thick layer of varnish and allow it to dry.

Tip #3: Put varnish on the edges of the coaster too. This will smooth the edges and will make it more durable. The varnish will protect your coaster for any damage created due to water drops, humidity or moisture.

Voila! Nice, easy and durable personalized DIY coasters!

I hope you liked this tutorial and please let me know if you’d like to see other ways to create DIY coasters in the comments down below. Share your DIY coasters with me on twitter, instagram, facebook or Google+ with the hastag #jandedhandmade.

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