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Easy Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

How about living the american dream in your kitchen with some thick, fluffy pancakes?

Easy fluffy pancakes recipe

First of all, let me clarify that we do not eat pancakes – not the american, thick ones. Our pancakes are thin, slightly sweet and can be filled with pretty much everything: from Nutella to ham and cheese. You might know them as crepes. But because I’m a foodie, of course that I like to experiment and bring some internationalism in my dish. I was impressed how this pancakes recipe worked out: fluffiness at its highest!

You can eat them for breakfast, dinner or something-sweet snack. I think they are really easy to make, but I won’t give my crepes away for these fluffy pancakes.


3 eggs;

120 grams of plain flour;

140 ml of milk;

a tsp baking powder;

a tsp vegetable oil/butter;

a pinch of salt;


1. Separate the eggs and mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they form a firm foam with peaks.

2. Mix the egg yolks with the milk, flour and baking powder.

3. Combine the two mixture together, mixing slowly in a up & down movement to avoid the air waist. This is what will make the pancakes fluffy.

4. Melt a little bit of butter in a pre-heated frying pan add about a ladle of pancake mixture into the frying pan and let them cook until they form bubbles, then turn them over.

Feel free to enjoy these fluffy pancakes with fruit, honey, nuts, chocolate or any other filling or topping your greedy heart desires.

Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of the fluffy “american” pancakes. πŸ™‚


Also let me know if you’ve tried this fluffy pancakes recipe and if you would like a crepes/European pancakes recipe as well. They are easy peasy to make and delicious.

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