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10-Minute Evening Rituals to End Your Day On a High Note

We all have morning and evening rituals. You might also call them habits, but I would say that a ritual consists of multiple habits grouped in one timeframe.

Habits and rituals can be good or bad. What is good for one person, might not be as good for the other. Working out daily might not be such a good idea for those who suffer from different disease related to articulations, for example.

I will skip the basic rituals like taking a shower or brushing your teeth since they are quite obvious – I hope.

At the end of the day, after a day full of work and stress, we have 0 energy left. You simply drag yourself to the bad and instantly black out. It can be quite difficult to end your day on a high note in this conditions. But here are some simple 10-minute evening rituals that might give you some extra energy.

evening rituals open notebook glasses

1. Review

Lots of people like to make to-do lists to help with their productivity. Other, plan their day ahead or in the morning (which I strongly recommend).

Review your to-do lists to review how much you achieved that day. If you don’t have an actual list, just visualize what you achieved that day. It will definitely put a smile on your face and bring some positive vibes.

Review only the things you managed to achieve.Β 

If you’re focusing on the ones you didn’t manage to achieve, all the good mojo will be lost.

2. Keep a journal

Keeping a journal is something that I haven’t mastered yet. I tried it, but consistency is not my strongest point.

When I did manage to keep a journal for a few weeks I loved reading it. It made me realise how many things I achieved and how much I’ve learnt.

Journaling is known for reducing stress and anxiety, improving writing abilities and it’s quite an effective tool against depression and other mental health issues

3. Plan

As I mentioned before, I highly recommend planning your day the evening before.


Because taking 10 minutes to plan or simply visualizing your next day will free you from the burden of remembering what you have to do. In this way, you can go to sleep peaceful and relieved that your next day is all set and you don’t have to think about it while in bed, trying to fall asleep.

4. Dance

Dancing is not good not just for improving your mood.

It might put a smile on our face and raise the blood pressure a little, but dancing is also a great way of working out and losing weight.

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So, play your favourite song that always makes you wanna dance and give it a go.

5. Listen to podcasts

Since we have only 10 minutes for a good evening ritual, reading your favourite book won’t make it to this list, unfortunately.

You can’t have only 10 minutes with a damn good book. Maybe a whole night.

So the best alternative is listening to a podcast. Podcasts are way shorter than an audio book so they could be squeezed in the 10-minute gap.

Don’t you feel pumped and happy when you learn something new? It’s scientifically proven that learning new things makes us happier.

I enjoy listening to The Science of Happiness podcast right now. Episodes are quite short and you learn something new about happiness.

6. Stretch

There are various opinions if you should or should not workout before bed time.

Working out might make you feel too pumped to go to sleep. So, it’s safer to go for a 10-minute stretch instead. It will make you feel better, healthier and happier since dopamine will be released.

You don’t have to have all these evening rituals on your list, of course. I promised they would take only 10 minutes each, so find the best one that works for you and stick to it.

Which is your favourite evening rituals that help you end your day on a high note?

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