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How To Fall In Love With Your Blog Again

Having a blog and making sure you treat it like a magazine or a business when you are your own boss is probably one of the most difficult things ever. Not to mention the blogger’s block. Having a full-time job, kids or Uni can be overwhelming and soon you’ll completely forget about your blog or you will actually start to see it as a burden.

Before panicking that this is the end of your blogging career, you have to be fully aware that this is perfectly normal. Life is not always black or white, it has its ups and downs and so does you blogging mood. Here are a few tips that I found useful and helped me to love my blog again.

fall in love with your blog

1. Remember why you started it in the first place

I know that sounds really basic, but it actually works. That’s why an about page, where you state your “why” is important. The about page won’t just help your readers connect better with you or attract sponsors, but it will also be a nice reminder of why you started blogging in the first place. Stay true to your heart and state your “why” as you feel it.

You can also ask a friend to help you with this and have a little coaching session about blogging and how and why everything started.

2. Just do it

… as Shia LaBeof said. Just do it! Just start writing a random blog post, take photos, edit them… something. One of the reasons I started this blog is because I love writing and this brings me joy every single time I do it. I know it’s difficult to start: you’re too tired, no inspiration, etc. But once I start writing… everything else comes naturally.

3. Find flaws that will make you want to improve your blog

I can not guarantee this will work for everybody. Probably because I am a little crazy and perfectionist I want everything to be perfect around here. That’s why when I discovered that Disqus was enabled on all my images, I went though each and every one of them and disabled the option manually. Felt so nice after I finished all 35 pages of images. And I felt better about my blog. Here are some things that you can “fix”:

  • implement some SEO optimization on old articles;
  • update about/contact or other pages;
  • remove all broken links;
  • add 301 redirects to all your 404 errors;
  • add featured images to old blog posts;
  • create Pinterest friendly images and upload them on your blog posts and Pinterest;
  • re-order the blog posts in new tags/categories, etc.

4. Get a facial

I don’t mean an actual facial, of course. Changing the theme of your blog is one of the most efficient and fast ways to help you fall in love with your blog again. The excitement of something completely new is always welcomed. You’ll want to share the new look with everyone and have a lot of really cool content.

If switching to a professional theme is not in your budget, then go smaller: get rid of old widgets and add some new ones. New, cool plug-ins also work as a charm.

5. Read the comments

This one is one of my favourites (after rediscovering your “why”). Reading older comments bring so much joy to my heart. It reminds me how amazing this community is and how amazing is that I am able to create a community technically out of nothing. Every single time I realize this, I’m speechless and so grateful for being able to blog. So a big thank you to all of you out there, making this possible. I don’t know who you are or where you are, but I would like to thank you. A lot.

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