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First cat cafe in Cluj – Napoca

In March the first cat cafe in Cluj – Napoca was opened and I could not resit not to pay them a visit. The cafe is named Lady Cat and it hosts 5 kitties so far. Each one of them have its unique story.


For those who are not familiarised with the cat cafe concept, they are all around the world. As wikipedia tells us, the first cat cafe opened in Taipei in 1998 and soon became a touristic attraction. Although, the term ‘cat cafe’  is recognised by Oxford Dictionary since August 2015.

 The first cat cafe opened in Taipei in 1998.

In this kind of cafes there are, of course, cats. You can play with them and also adopt them. Lady Cat fosters the cats, which means that they can be adopted.

lady-cat1 lady-cat2

There are 4 ladies and 2 boys: Sansa, Tesla, Caramel, Tomas, Serghei and Cleo. They are either brought from the streets or by people who can’t foster them anymore.

Each Monday people can come to adopt or bring cats to the cafe. There is also a vet that checks the kitties, vaccinates them and talks with possible owners to see if the cats will be safe in their new home.

lady-cat4lady-cat3All cats have their own personalities, some are very playful, other hard to impress – just like my cat.

If you don’t have a cat, there are some things about them that you should know:

  • they are annoyingly curious by nature: they will try to stick their head in your beverage to see what you’re doing;
  • they are sensitive at sudden and high noises or movement; they get scared quite easily by this kind of situations;
  • they like to play on their terms: if they get bored, they might scratch you or even bite;
  • it is not dangerous to get bitten, scratched or to swallow cat hair as long as they are vaccinated.

Keep in mind these things about cats when you visit a cat cafe. Also there might be new cats around, that didn’t got the chance to get used to with the other cats and the new place; trying to pet or to play with them will make it worst.

lady-cat6 lady-cat5

Like their facebook page and pay them a visit to enjoy a drink with some furry company. Their address is Constantin Brancusi Street, no. 85 (super close to the bus stop). Meanwhile enjoy these photos of these adorable kitties.

lady-cat8 _MG_1693 lady-cat9 _MG_1679 lady-cat12 lady-cat13 lady-cat11

EDIT: From August 2016 the Lady Cat Cafe unfortunately got closed.

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