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How To Get Positive in Your First 15 Mins of the Day

Have you ever got up in a very non-positive way? Like screams, car horns, drills? We all did. What’s worst about it, is that it will ruin your entire day. When a day starts bad, it will be bad all day long. So, it’s kind of difficult – sometimes annoying – to get positive when all this shit is happening to you.

I truly believe that the way you start your day will predict how your day will be. I believe in the law of attraction (not that “the universe will answer to your vibrations” thing, but the big picture), so I believe if you start your day with the wrong mindset, all those shitty things will come to you. For free.

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It’s important to get ourselves more on the positive side, considering how anxious and depressed we are. Statistics say that almost 20% of Americans suffer from anxiety each year. That’s a lot!

How To Get Positive in Your First 15 Mins of the Day

get positive in the morning girl drinking tea

I feel I have to mention that you’ll have to keep that positivity after minute 15 goes by. Stupid, annoying things happen throughout the day, but it’s important to not give them credit and let them ruin your day.

As I previously mentioned, I really believe that the way you’re starting the day, will influence how the rest of the day will go.

1. Don’t touch any electronics

Things like:

  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • TVs or even
  • radios

should not grab your attention in your first 15 mins of the day.

Basically, don’t touch anything that can connect to the Internet.

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  • because you can get bad news – which will subconsciously affect your mood
  • you’ll get stuck scrolling through Instagram and you will waster a lot of time. Ultimately you will realize you’re late and you’ll be stressed out
  • you will get caught up answering those business e-mails and so on

I do use my smartphone in the morning to listen to music or podcasts, but I download them so I’m not needing an Internet connection.

2. Listen to music

As I said, I use my smartphone to listen to music. I have a “happy songs” playlist in my Apple Music and sometimes I play it in the morning.

I like energetic songs that boost my mood fast. If you like to start things slowly, add mellow songs that will get you going.

3. Dance

I and my partner have this weird habit of dancing when we feel down or simply feel like dancing.

Dancing can really boost your mood and you also move some muscles while doing it, so it’s perfect!

4. Exercise

When you finish a workout, dopamine start rushing through your system.

Dopamine is a hormone that is associated with euphoria. It’s basically that good feeling you get after working out.

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Don’t think of something too fancy. Just a few stretches or push-ups. Whatever you feel comfortable with. I personally enjoy a few good stretches in the morning. They are not complicated and they wake my muscles up.

5. Meditate

I have to admit, this one is not working for me. If I try meditating in the first minutes after I wake up, I will fall asleep. Embarrassing, I know.

But if you are up to it, it’s great! Just take those few minutes to think of nothing and not letting anyone disturbing your state. One of the most successful people on the planet swear by meditating.

Another good tip is to set a mantra of the day. mantra is a word or a short phrase that is repeated over and over again while meditating. So, you can set a mantra about how you will be positive about that day and you won’t let small things ruin your mood. If you can make it shorter, the better.

6. Contemplate

If I wake up early enough, I like to contemplate the world surrounding me.

There is something very peaceful and positive about that early morning silence. Watching the sunrise, seeing the world waking up and get moving… it’s peaceful, relaxing and positive.

7. Read

And by read I mean books, not Instagram captions.

I would highly recommend fiction books, rather than non-fiction.

I find non-fiction not as creative as fiction. You are reading a non-fiction book to find an answer to something, to learn. I really don’t want to put my brain under the pressure of learning at 6 a.m. honestly.

Fiction books stimulate more the creative side, so I find them perfect to start the day well.

8. Cuddle

Nothing helps me wake up with a smile on my face than a kiss on the forehead and a sweet ‘good morning!’.

This is how my Mum used to wake me up when I had to go to school, and I have to admit it, she still does it when I’m home. And sometimes I reciprocate if I get up before her. It instantly boosts my mood when I see her waking up with a smile on her face.

So I would say it goes perfectly both ways.

You can cuddle or give a kiss on the forehead to your partner, you kid, your parents or your pet. Dogs love bed cuddles for sure.

Combine them

Feel free to combine the activities that bring you most positive mojo. Enjoy a mug of tea, with your favourite song in the background, while witnessing how the world is waking up. Only writing those words made me feel better.

Which are your favourite activities to start the day on the right foot?

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