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gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband

Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend Or Husband

With Valentine’s so close, you ladies (or gents) should be quite into “shopping mood” for your batter half. Sometimes I find it really hard to find the proper gift for my better half. Not because I don’t have ideas (because he tells me what he wishes) but because I know he is a perfectionist and I have to spend a lot of time to find that perfect gift that I know he dreams about.

gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband

And for those of you who are celebrating something, or just want to surprise the man in your life with a nice gift, here are some gift ideas for your boyfriend (or husband).

1. Purse

The purse (wallet) is probably one of the most valuable asset in a man’s wardrobe. I could not notice how picky they are when it comes to this small item that keeps all valuable things inside. This purse is from Nixon and it’s available here.

gift idea for your boyfriend

2. PJs

I know that it sounds so mainstream, but men are really excited when they get new PJs, I don’t know why. I also like PJs because I can spend pretty much the whole weekend in them and still not feeling bad about myself.

This classy PJs for men are available here.

3. Backpack

Rucksacks are so practical when you’re always on the go. I think they are always a good gift ideas for girls as well. They can be stylish, big or small, colourful, so they’re perfect. And once you find that perfect backpack, you’ll wear it until it goes away, so it’s ok to have a spare one. I would want this backpack for myself to be honest. It’s available here.

gift ideas for your boyfriend backpack

4. A tie

Each man need some fancy clothing items even he’s more into comfortable clothes. But for important events, he’ll need a good, goes with everything tie. Available here.

black tie men

5. Video Game Console

If there’s something that boys really love, that would be video games. To be honest, I think I would enjoy a Play Station session for once in a while. So it a win – win gift. Play Station 4 console, available here.

6. Perfume

Chances are that you already know each other well enough to know each other’s favourite perfume. If you don’t know already, well…

7. Personalized Cufflinks

Also in the “fancy clothes for fancy occasions” category goes cufflinks. You can personalise them with his initials. This way they will be unique, but till subtle. This cufflinks are available here. I really love this cufflinks, hopefully they’re unisex.

cufflinks gift ideas for your boyfriend

I hope you found some gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband inspiration.

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  • I love the idea of the personalised cuff links. Thanks for the inspiration and happy Valentine’s for when it comes!

  • I got my hubby cologne for V-Day this year…I think he’ll lovelovelove!

    Coming Up Roses

  • Casey Oakley Bennevault

    I’m sooooo late on the Vday gift front. I’ve still got nada for my husband! Thanks for the ideas!

  • Ruth Earley

    I really like the cufflinks. Very classy.

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    Oh. I love this! Those cuff links I have almost purchased for my husband before!

  • Claire Melzer

    I know that my man would love any of these gifts, thanks for sharing!

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    I think a tie is always a great gift for a guy! They can never have too much!


  • Neely

    These are awesome ideas! I know my husband would love some new cologne or a nice backpack

  • Really great list!! Thanks for giving me a few ideas… I totally didn’t think of PJs and he definitely needs some.. :)

  • I got my husband a new backpack for work for Christmas–I think that’s definitely one of his favorite gifts, he uses it every day!

  • Nellwyn

    These are all great ideas! Cologne and cufflinks both make such nice and romantic Valentine’s gifts.

  • Casey

    Video game consoles and games always make a perfect gift for guys. I really like the idea of PJs too. Such a useful gift idea and not something most guys would buy for themselves.

    • True. I never understood why they don’t buy PJs for themselves. Probably because they are sure that it’s a “woman’s job”

      • Casey

        ha! it just makes too much sense for them to do it themselves lol

  • Love! The hubs can always use a good backpack or bag! And those cufflinks are awesome!

    • I know! I’m quite obsessed with those cufflinks, too! Might buy them for him, but they will secretly be for myself.

  • Marissa Pedersen

    Good ideas! I really like the PJs idea – I might steal that!

  • We do not usually go all out for Valentine’s Day. We exchange small gifts, and he usually has flowers delivered to my work. However, this year, I wanted to have a very intimate Valentine’s day. We will do a romantic dinner at home, and I will get him some of his favorite candies.

    • What an amazing idea! Intimate dates are so nice.

  • nikki

    Those cufflinks are amazing!

  • I got my boyfriend some batman cufflinks recently. Wasn’t necessarily for Valentine’s day, it was just because he loves it!

  • I’m always looking for new gift ideas because my fiance is very simple lol I think he is in need of a new backpack so that is a great idea :)

  • Reeni Geiser

    Great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing:)

  • Great ideas! We do not normally do gifts or fully celebrate Valetine’s Day as a holiday, but I love the idea of doing so. And i understand why people do it. Another great way to make each other feel special :)

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    These are really great ideas! I love the cufflinks idea. I have been looking for the perfect cufflinks for my husband. Great list!

  • Kari Jonard

    Mine would love tie clips. Or of course video games but I never know the right ones to get.

  • Loving these picks! My guy would totally love that backpack.

  • These are all great ideas! I got my boyfriend a game and some shoes! :)

  • Great list! I’ve gifted my boyfriend a few of these. Cufflinks are my next go-to gift.

    xo, Elizabeth

  • Adriana

    These are such great ideas! The personalized cufflinks are so awesome!

  • I love the personalized cufflinks-such a good gift idea!!