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homemade fish tacos recipe

Easy Homemade Fish Tacos Recipe

If the weather is still quite hot and you’re not really into using heat for your meal prep, this homemade fish tacos recipe will be your new BFF! Also if you’re trying to eat more healthy (and cut the meat) fish tacos will be your favourites.

Fish is known for being a much healthier than the other foods because of its lower levels of saturated fats and cholesterol (read more about the differences between fish and red meat here). Chicken, fish, vegetables, and beans are healthy(er) sources for protein. So why not combine them under the crunchy shell of a taco?

This recipe also includes hummus and pita bread, both recipes you can find them around here.

Here’s what you’ll need you your very own homemade fish tack recipe:

fish tacos ingredients veggies

Easy Homemade Fish Tacos Recipe
Servings Prep. Time Waiting Time Cook Time Difficulty
 4 30 mins  n/a 15 mins Easy
What you will need
  • 300 grams of your favourite file
  •  4 pieces of pita bread –  pita bread recipe here
  •  a few scoops of hummus – hummus recipe here
  •  your favourite veggies (I used shredded carrots, spring onions and red bell pepper)
  •  beans of your choice
  • a lemon

Before we start, I already showed you how you can make hummus and pita bread, so in case you want to recreate the exact same recipe here they are:

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Now let’s dig in:


1. Chop your veggies finely.

2. Cook the fish on mid temperature for a few minutes each side, until it gets slightly golden. Also, add salt and pepper to taste.

fish tacos cooked fish

Wok T-Fal Pan

3. Let the fish cool for a few minutes and shred it using two forks.

4. Spread some hummus over the pita bread. Add the shredded fish and the chopped veggies and beans and enjoy!

Some tips:

  • squeeze some lemon over your taco filling; it will keep the veggies fresh for longer and it will cut the fatty fish taste;
  • you probably noticed I haven’t sauteed the veggies; that’s because I like the tenderness of the cooked fish in combo with the crunchiness of the raw veggies. You can sautee them is you’d like, but I highly recommend you to have different textures in your taco;
  • drizzle some sauces on top for more flavour. I added pesto and it enhances the flavours so much.

Super easy, delicious and healthy meal for the lazy ones, like me, who can’t stand cooking when the weather is too hot. Am I the only one?

Please let me know what you think of this recipe in the comments down below. Do you like tacos? Do you have your own homemade fish tacos recipe? Share all with me in the comments section down below!

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