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homemade granola bars

Homemade Granola Bars

Everyone is trying to be or stay healthier these days. There are a lot of products on the market that promise you they are healthy, but most probably they are not 100% healthy. Having a quick, healthy and nutritious snack is probably on everybody’s list, and that’s why today we are making homemade granola bars!

We’ve talked about granola in a previous post and I hope we all agreed that homemade granola is the healthiest option.

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Beside the crunchy snack that is delicious with milk or yogurt, granola bars are easy to make and handy to carry around.

Here’s what you will need!

homemade granola bars

Servings: 12 bars | Prep. Time: 15 mins | Waiting Time: 2-3 hours | Cook Time: n/a | Difficulty: Easy


  • 250 grams homemade granola
  • 150 grams dried fruits (dates base recommended)
  • a few tablespoons of water


  • food processor or blender
  • air tight container
  • sharp knife
  • baking paper


1. Add the dried fruits in the food processor and blend until a paste is formed. From time to time add some water to make the mixture thinner and easier to blend.

2. Mix the paste with the homemade granola, until everything is well combined.

3. Lay an air tight container with backing paper to prevent the homemade granola bars mixture from sticking. Add the mixture in the container and flat it out.

4. Leave it in the fridge for a coupe of hours, or until the mixture is hard.

5. Take the huge granola bar out and cut it to desired size.

Keep in air tight container in the fridge up to two weeks.

dried fruits in blender

The dried fruit paste will turn really thick and you have to add some water to blend it smooth.

I like to add water mixed with a few tablespoons of lemon juice for flavour and freshness.

The result probably doesn’t have the most appetizing colour, but it will contribute to delish granola bars.

What is really great about this recipe is that you can control the amount of sugar it’s in it. Also, if you have any preferences regarding the dried fruits, or you’re allergic to some, you can control that too.

homemade granola bars mixture

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. The bars will taste better this way, that what my Mum says.

These bars are quite compact. I chopped them in large cubes for storage, but honestly, one cube was more than enough for me. If you’d like them fluffier, add some puffed rice or any other puffed grain. It will make them lighter and crunchier.

I said it already, and I will say it, again and again, both homemade granola bars and granola are great because you have lots of possibilities. You can create your very own type of granola, perfect for your taste and needs.

Have you ever made homemade granola bars, do you like them? Also, please let me know what you think of the new recipe format. 🙂

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