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Homemade Lemon Christmas Cookies

These lemon Christmas cookies look so festive and they are very easy to make. Even if they look so fancy, there is nothing complicated about them – it’s just powdered sugar! So, let’s see how can you come up with something fancy, delicious and easy to make for your Christmas dinner!

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You will need:

350 grams of whole purpose flour;

100 grams soft butter (at room temperature);

100 grams powdered sugar;

100 grams sugar;

2 eggs;

5 grams baking powder;

5 ml lemon extract;

a small lemon;

a pinch of salt.

How to:

1. Start by mixing the butter and the sugar until the mixture is well combined and it has a cream-like consistency.


2. Add the eggs, one of a time and mix well. You want to make sure that the eggs are at room temperature, so that your cookies will stay together while baking. Don’t worry if the mixture won’t look soft and creamy at the beginning; it will all come together when you’ll add the flour.


3. After the eggs are well incorporated, squeeze the lemon juice and also peel the lemon to get its lemon zest. At this point you can add the lemon extract to your mixture, the lemon zest and the juice. Mix the remained dry ingredients together (flour, salt & baking powder) and add it to the mixture.


 4. You will get a soft dough, but you will be able to form it into a big ball, put it in plastic wrap and let it in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes. You want to do that because the dough is too soft to work with. Allowing the butter to cool down will give you a quite hard dough. You want your dough to be hard enough because you will form small balls of it to create the cookies.

5. After the dough has cooled, take it out and by taking small amounts of dough, roll them between your hands to get tiny balls of mixture. Roll the balls in the powdered sugar – this will give them that cracked look.

6. Put the cookies in a baking pan and bake them at medium temperature (175 degrees Celsius) for 10-15 minutes.


These cookies look very festive and they are perfect for Christmas dinner. Put them in a cute tin box and give them as a Christmas present to someone you appreciate.

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Baked Christmas Lemon Cookies

I hope you try this recipe and if you do, please share your thoughts about these Homemade Lemon Christmas Cookies with me!

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