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how to relax in 60 seconds

How to Relax in 60 Seconds

Being stressed out after a long day of work is very common. Stress is nowadays the main factor responsible for lots of diseases such as cancer or ulcer. We have quite a difficult time when it comes to knowing how to relax. We do it for two weeks each year and we think it’s ok.

If you want to be able to relax fast & easy you must have the right mindset. If you resist it with such things as “this won’t work”, “nothing happened”, “I don’t have time for this” and so on, you, my friend, are on the wrong path. So set a positive mindset about how good you will feel after you do the things listed below.

How to Relax in 60 Seconds

1. Listen to music

Old trick, but it works. Always listen to the opposite emotion that you’re felling: if you’re angry – listen to classical music, ambient and so on; if you are feeling blue, listen to something more energetic – maybe some punk (I like to listen to Linkin Park – it boosts my mood quickly).

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2. Drink tea

If you are a tea addict like me, almost any type of strong tea will make you feel better. If you’re coming home after a long day at the office, back or green tea is not recommended. They have caffeine and if you drink them in the evening, you might have some trouble falling asleep – and this is not relaxation.

Infusions are the best option. Herbs such as camomile and linden leaves are known for their calming properties. Twinings has a mixed herbs tea that is meant to help you relax.

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3. Massage

You might not have someone how’s always ready to give you a message, but there are some areas that you can massage yourself to relax.

Your face.

Your eyes need some relaxation. You can use an old roll-on empty container to massage the under eye area. The roll-on eye products have a small metal ball that helps you apply the product; the metal is cold and it will help your eyes relax.

Your hands.

Massage the cartilage between your thumb and index finger. Don’t press too hard. This method is known to help you calm down when you’re very anxious.

Your legs.

Your legs are probably one of the most tired parts of your body after a long day. You can either message them (but it would be more relaxing if you would have someone else do it for you) or soak them in some hot water with some Epsom salt.

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4. Work out

If you feel like you want to punch someone in the face, go ahead and hit it to the gym. You will release stress, you’ll feel better and your body will thank you. So, do some jumping jacks, push-ups for one minute or go for a really quick sprint. The dopamine will chick in and you will feel better.

I also find cycling very relaxing. Choose an area that is not crowded and go for it. Walking in a park or in a more private area will also help you relax.

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5. Meditate

Meditation can be very difficult if you haven’t done it before. The simplest way to do it is to (besides sitting in the classic lotus position) to close your eyes and focus only on your breathing & nothing else! Put some background music to help you. There are lots of apps that teach how to meditate as well.

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6. No technology

Turn off your phone and computer. A phone call or an e-mail from your boss might stress you out. It’s your quality time spent with yourself – make the best out of it.

7. Aromatherapy

Lavender is known for its calming properties. You can either infuse it to give a delicate, relaxing scent or put a few drops in your hot tub bath and enjoy it!

8. Oxygen

Oxygen can cure you of a headache. Open the window and let the fresh air to do its magic.

9. Quick talk

I know that for me there is no such thing as quick talk. At least not one that can last only 60 seconds.

But take a minute or two and call your grandparents or some friends or relatives that you haven’t heard in a long time. Just give them a quick call and ask them how are they and let them know you are doing well.

How do you relax when things get too much? 

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