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I know a place: Zabola Estate in Transylvania

I few years ago I discovered Transylvania’s best kept secret, a beautiful estate, available for tourism in Covasna County.

Having its roost back in the XVI century, the Mikes Estate belonged to the Mikes family until ’40s, when the estate was took under state service, as a result of the communism. Later, after Romania became a democratic country, the Hungarian Β family came back and took the estate in their property. They renovated the Machine House first and made it a touristic attraction. As far as have seen they opened other building on the estate as well.


Zabola Estate’s sauna / facebook.com

The services

The Mikes castle, or Zabola estate is a piece of heaven where you can relax and enjoy nature. There is a small lake near the main building of the estate where you can go for a round of fishing or just relax. During autumn truffle hunting is an every day habit there and if you feel more adventurous, they also organize treasure hunts. Not to mention the beautiful sauna in the middle of the forest.

The Red Room of the Machine House of Zabola Estate / facebok.com

The Red Room of the Machine House of Zabola Estate / facebok.com

They also host weddings and other types of events on the domain.

When it comes to prices… it at the same level of the location. The price per person for a night with bed & breakfast is around 100 euros. It depends on the period of the year when you visit the estate.

Now… let’s talk about food.

I’m a foodie and if I go somewhere and the food is not delicious I don’t give a shit about the landscapes and services. The Zabola Estate won me on this chapter too. They have their own farm and gardens and they cook in the most traditional way possible. So the food is truly orgasmic for every type of person.

Dinner at Zabola Estate / facebook.com

Dinner at Zabola Estate / facebook.com

I might be t0o in love with this place, but believe me, it is truly remarkable. Visit their website zabola.com for more details, prices and activities available on the domain, or like their facebook page for pictures that will leave you speechless.

I will see you again, beautiful Zabola Estate!

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